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My PIIT28 Results: Before and After

Raise your hand if you ate a lot of terrible food this December. ?‍♀️ Yeah, me too. But with PIIT28 I was at least able to maintain my weight. Keeping up my workout regimen increased my energy and kept insanity at bay during all the holiday season. I can see

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15 Ways To Respond When Your Family’s Veganism Comes Up At Thankgiving

I’ve been veganish for six years (and two pregnancies!) and I’ve dealt it all: jokes, leeriness, curiosity, judgement (especially when pregnant!), intense questioning, shrugs, people feeling threatened/waxing poetical about bacon. You could encounter all these reactions during an extended afternoon with your family this Thanksgiving. If you’re new to veganism—or

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Postpartum Weight Loss: My Experiences and Struggles

I hate losing weight, especially after pregnancy. I’m exhausted and irritable, hormones in chaos. All I want is pie. I can barely remember where I put the burp rag, let alone muster the motivation to work out. This is an introduction to my postpartum weight loss journey as I share some of

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5 Tips to Save Money on Groceries and Eat Healthy

I hear all kinds of reasons why people “could neeeeeever eat like” me, and expense is in the top three. A veganish diet is not expensive, I promise. If it is, you’re doing it wrong (walk away from the Annie’s freezer section). The average American family spends $7,000 a year on food!

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Half-Ass Meal Prep With Me: A Tired Mom’s Guide

I Don’t Do Mason Jars I don’t want to meal prep. We have what realtors call a “cozy” kitchen; it’s too small to house all the glass containers that meal prepping requires. I’ve always hated clutter and that is what having a bunch of little glass containers sounds like-clutter. We don’t

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Quit Friendzoning Cauliflower

It’s no eggplant, ya know? I bet the jackfruit is more your type; such a spiky bad boy, yet complicated; and you and only you can reach inside it and turn it into what looks like pulled pork somehow. I know how our eyes travel the produce section, dismissively flicking over

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Blender Corn Pudding for Thanksgiving

Easy Blender Corn Pudding

Do you love corn? Hate mixing ingredients? Do I have the recipe for you. I was surprised to find that Big A didn’t seem to care for it—he likes corn and the texture of bread. We’ll keep trying-but it’s quick, easy, and delicious. That’s enough for me to consider it a

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all the ingredients for Easy Homemade Toddler Approved Hummus

Easier Than You Think: Getting More Pulses With Parmesan Garlic Hummus

“Eating more pulses has been shown to improve the overall nutrition quality of people’s diets.” -Cynthia Sass, R.D. “What in all hell is a pulse??” asked five-years-ago me. It’s basically a fancy word for bean. Specifically, says Merriam-Webster, “the edible seeds of various crops (such as peas, beans, or lentils) of

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