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Parent’s Guide to a Quarantine Halloween, Despite COVID-19

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not a big Halloween person. But do you know what I am a big fan of, especially this year? Marking time. COVID-19 has made the months of 2020 run together. Celebrating Halloween will act as a clear fall indicator. Let’s celebrate our Quarantine Halloween safely

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29 Baby Items for New Moms (Best Products)

What are the best products for new moms? The list seems endless. It’s not only bottles but also bottle cleaners, warmers, sterilizers, different sized nipples… right? Well, not exactly. As I wrote elsewhere, buying more stuff doesn’t equal being more prepared. However, the accruement of stuff that comes with a

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22 Baby Items You Don’t Need

There are way more baby items you don’t need, than do need. Baby registries, box stores, and society at large are playing tricks on us. I fell into the trap with my first child, thinking that buying stuff meant better preparation. I felt safer, seeing the new furniture, piles of

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Our Quarantine Preschool Schedule

Raise your hand if the COVID-19 outbreak (and its resulting stay-at-home orders) made you a homeschooling parent. Yeah, me too. And, honestly? It’s not something I would choose to do. Ever. But the shut down meant Big A lost his morning preschool. And that broke his little heart. Being autistic,

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5 Hidden Vegetable Recipes for Toddlers and Kids

These hidden vegetable recipes for toddlers and kids are a great way to increase vegetables in day-to-day meals. And we all know how important it is to get our toddlers and kids to eat more vegetables. They’re packed full of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients needed for growth. But

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Using Zoom for Preschool: Activities & Ideas

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that is used to connect working adults. But it can also be used to remotely teach preschoolers! The COVID-19 outbreak has closed schools across the country, leaving preschoolers suddenly separated from their teachers and classmates. Zoom is a great solution for preschool teachers to

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Little A at Two: Schedule and Milestones

Little A has turned two! With a vengeance. The terrible twos are real, man. Remember how he used to lie on the floor when he was sad? Those were the days. Now he screams upon the first hint of experiencing a negative emotion. If I thought non-reactive parenting was hard

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Everyday Ways to Increase Hand Strength in Toddlers

Toddlers need hand strength to complete everyday functional skills like throwing a ball, stacking blocks, and gripping rails. Hand strength is also important for school skills like using scissors and writing with pencils. Including fun hand strength exercises into your toddler’s play will help them develop their grip and master

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Communication Activities and Games for Nonverbal Toddlers

Nonverbal games are just as fun as verbal ones. With a few tweaks, we don’t need words to play games and increase our communication skills. Communication skills are important for autistic toddlers and children because these skills don’t come naturally for them. These activities and games for nonverbal toddlers are

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Christmas Break Social Story (Free Printables!)

Social stories help autistic kids understand and cope with schedule disruptions. Social story printables help parents tell a simple story about coping skills. Big A was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age two. Reliance on rules and routines is a typical marker of those on the spectrum, and our

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