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8 Lessons Taylor Swift Taught Me as a Content Creator

Taylor Swift’s latest albums, Folkore and Evermore, aren’t only perfectly vibed masterpieces that I can’t stop bopping to. These albums are straight up professional development tools. They’re my own personal Lean In-esque musical manifesto, offering insights that invigorate me as a blogger and content creator. Folklore and Evermore direct me to

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My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions already get a bad rap. It seems both arbitrary and basic to equate a turn in the calendar with getting our lives together. New Year’s resolutions inspire hope. And I need that hope now more than ever. The little girl who loved the start of a new

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Lessons Learned From Two Years of Blogging

I can’t believe all the lessons learned from two years of blogging. This time has flown by. Wasn’t it yesterday that Ish Mom was a gleam in my eye, then a loud intruder that kept me up nights and dominated all my thoughts? Now she’s toddling on fat little legs,

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Myka Stauffer, Rachel Hollis, and Curated Imperfection

Myka Stauffer and Rachel Hollis are lifestyle/family/self-help gurus. Both have been rocked by recent scandals. Stauffer, a Mommy Vlogger with millions of subscribers between her YouTube channels, admitted to “rehoming” her autistic adopted son. Rachel and Dave Hollis recently announced their divorce. It’s my opinion that Myka’s abandonment of her

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My Pandemic Pregnancy

My pandemic pregnancy is surreal. Pregnancy, in the best of times, is hard. Common issues include mood swings, nausea and vomiting, body aches, fatigue, insomnia, bleeding gums, swelling, and heartburn. Plus, there’s all kinds of weird, less common symptoms, too. Take cholestasis of pregnancy, a liver condition that can trigger

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COVID-19 Quarantine Spring/Summer Bucket List

I typically make seasonal bucket lists, chock full of fun activities and local happenings. Uh, that ain’t happening this spring/summer. With the onset of the COVID-19 global pandemic caused by that pesky coronavirus, we’re all stuck in our house. Everything has changed. The way we work (if we’re lucky enough

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My Habit Change Story

Y’all know I’m obsessed with habit change. I read books, peruse studies, and watch countless videos on the subject. When I talk about habit change, I tend to use my children as an example. It’s easier. And the accompanying pictures are cuter. My habit change story is not as cute.

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100th Blog Post Bonanza!

This is the 100th article on Ish Mom. I can hardly believe it. I’ve written over 100,000 words! That’s a freaking novel! And I never really thought I could. Why do I do this? Sit down day after day, and throw words into the internet void? What have I learned

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Be the Sunshine

The Power of Positivity with KyliAnn Lemons

I stumbled upon a real smiley part of the internet, full of positivity; curated by KyliAnn Lemons. Her site is a haven for good vibes and positive thinking. Inspired, I found myself smashing that “email” button. I asked KyliAnn to collab with me, no clear ideas in mind, only wanting

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36 Things I’ve Learned in 36 Years

Happy Birthday to Me! Sometimes it feels like I’ve lived several lives in these handful of decades. I’ve salvaged lessons from every one. In honor of my 36th Birthday, here are 36 things I’ve learned. In no particular order: 36 Things I’ve Learned In 36 Years If you don’t have

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