Decorate for Christmas with Me 2019!

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In terms of Christmas decor, I really came into my own this year. It’s the third Christmas in our house and I’m starting to understand what does and doesn’t work for our unusual 110-year-old interior woodwork. Feeling more confident, I’ve decluttered my Christmas decoration stash of some hand-me-downs and especially garish Dollar Tree pieces.

I love my mom and everything, but I was literally using decades-old tinsel. The giant snowman plate was comforting, it reminded me of my childhood. Uh…a childhood that was, like, twenty five years ago.

Join me on a virtual tour of my downstairs. I’ll show you some key areas (and favorite little pieces) that set a festive tone without breaking the bank-or my patience.

Megan smiling at the camera while decorating a Christmas tree
Come on!

A Bauble for Every Bowl

There is nothing like the ease and class of a container filled with Christmas pretties. I have glass vases filled with small, sparkly Christmas ornaments, bows, ribbons, and fake poinsettias (the plastic stems covered by ornaments).

We have a small, round dining room table. An elevated wooden bowl filled with ball ornaments and pine cones provides Christmas vibes without taking up much space.

elevated farm house style wooden bowl filled with pine cones and christmas ornaments
Soooo many Dollar Tree items on one tabletop.

Christmas Mantle

The mantle is an ideal place to cram a bunch of Christmas. It’s high off the ground, away from little hands, so it’s also a great place for more delicate decorations.

I got a super snazzy mantle inexpensively by filling in a moderately priced evergreen garland with Dollar Store picks, ornaments, and tinsel. I wrapped the evergreen garland with the tinsel garland, clamped big ol’ fake poinsettias on the ends, and bulked sparse patches with picks and sparkly ornaments.

fireplace mantle decorated for Christmas with evergreen bough and ornaments farmhouse style
This mantle is my pride and joy. Take that, formal education!

Dollar Tree Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree is also heavily supplemented with Dollar Tree goodies.

This year’s tree was a last-minute affair. We could not find our tree while unpacking Christmas supplies. Our house isn’t that big, ya know? It’s bizarre. We hightailed it to the store where the pickings were slim, so our current tree’s a bit…thin. No matter! YouTube showed me how to use Dollar Tree ribbons and picks to create a fancier Christmas tree on the cheap.

christmas tree featuring dollar tree ribbon
The ribbon looked a little weird until the ornaments hung. Got any ribbon tips? Drop em in the comments.

Handmade for the Holidays

I’m proud of the number of local hand-made goods added to my Christmas collection this year.

Beyond Country was the real MVP this Christmas. This year I bought a cute mini-screen door, poinsettia box, snowman fashioned from an old salt shaker, and more. I also happened upon Whitney French and her shadow boxes at the Genesis Christmas Festival (check out her wares here).

These decorations are one-of-a-kind. I love Target as much as anyone, but we’ve all seen that pom-pom tree, amiright?

Christmas shadow box by Whitney French
What a lovely shadow box by Whitney French!

Mixing moderately and cheaply priced pieces helps me stage Insta-worthy areas without hemorrhaging money. And by focusing on a few key areas (mantle, dining room side table, Christmas tree), I’m not losing my mind. Filling containers with ornaments, scattering small bows, and placing figurines on shelves is an easy, fun afterthought.

phrenology head wearing a santa hat and hans heinrichsen lead flats winter skating scene on shelf
I love our Hans Heinrichsen skate figurines and dressing up the (genuine Phrenology Head with a (not genuine) Santa hat.

Show me your Christmas decorations! Drop some pics in the comments or tag me on Instagram. Share this article to spread Christmas vibes!

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Happy hall-decking!


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Megan writes everything on Ish Mom. She possesses a bachelor's degree in psychology, a flair for theatrics, and a whole lotta nerve. She lives in the Midwest (and loves it) with her wonderful husband and three young boys.
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