My Favorite Easy Fall Dessert

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Fall calls for all things cozy: chunky sweaters, roaring fires, and warm caramel. As the temperatures drop my body becomes convinced that some kind of famine is coming and begins craving carbs. Not just any carbs, either. Vegetables don’t cut it. I want crusty bread, gooey pasta, and warm baked goods.

My favorite easy fall dessert combines the best of both worlds: bread and candy. Basically, it’s candy wrapped bread. And it’s amazing.

Big A eating an easy favorite fall dessert
Toddler approved!

My Favorite Easy Fall Dessert

Do you like crescent rolls? How about soft caramels? Then boy, are you in the right place. Cuz that’s all this recipe is.

Megan enjoying her favorite easy fall dessert
432 months old woman approved!

Buy a pack of refrigerated crescent rolls. Unroll them and place an unwrapped soft caramel inside. Roll them back up and brush them with water (to help cinnamon sugar stick). Sprinkle the crescent rolls with cinnamon sugar. Bake them in the oven according to the package directions.

unrolling crescent roll dough for fall dessert
Unroll the crescent roll dough

soft caramels on crescent roll dough for fall dessert
Place soft caramels on the big ends of each individual roll
rolling up the soft caramel in crescent roll dough for fall dessert
Roll up the caramel in the individual crescent rolls

That’s it! These caramel crescent rolls are amazing, easy, and cheap. They taste like you did something fancy.

baked crescent rolls with a soft caramel baked inside
Voila! Soooo gooey

What’s your favorite fall dessert? Drop some recipes in the comments! Share this article so you won’t forget to pick up soft caramels the next time you’re out.

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Happy nomming!


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