14 Gifts for Stressed out People

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We need gifts for stressed out people. Because times are stressful, yo.

Thanksgiving is over and y’all know what that means: Christmas. And for the eighty-eight percent of Americans that would admit it (I bet the numbers are higher): holiday anxiety.

People cite all kinds of reasons for their stress. From “festive fall-outs” (arguing with family from everything about who was cooking what and hosting where to politics), worrying about money, to beating themselves up for overeating, there’s a lot of things to stress one out over the holidays. Whatever the reason, a time that is supposed to bring joy and togetherness…is stressing us out.

It’s a safe bet that half the people on your gift list would love these gifts for stressed out people!

christmas anxiety meme It's almost time to switch from my everyday anxiety to my fancy christmas anxiety

That’s why I’ve complied a list of gifts for stressed out people. Whether you know people in stressful vocations (like Big A’s preschool teacher) or if you want to treat yo’self, these gifts are ready to provide some much needed relaxation.

gifts for stressed out people
It’s ok, dude. There’s a destressing gift in this list perfect for you.

14 Gifts for Stressed out People

Color beautifully what you cannot say aloud. And feel good about yourself, cuz you’re a soldier.

color book gift for stressed out people

It’s like sleeping with a hug. Big A loves the sensation of his weighted blanket. Turns out, most adults do too. This blanket received a 4.8/5 stars on Amazon. Reviewers raved about how the blanket felt, one dude deciding that twenty pounds felt “just right.”

weighted blanket

Don’t know what to do with your hands when anxious? These motivational stress balls are just the ticket.

One reviewer stated that they commonly purchased stress balls for their ADHD and anxiety disorder diagnosed student clients. They gave a 30-year old client the adult stress balls (some of the have curse words on them) and the client loved them. These stress balls received a 4.6/5 stars.

motivational stress balls for stressed out people

A person or situation causing undue stress? Haul out your White Noise Machine and Essential Oil Diffuser 2-in-1 Aromatherapy Sleeping Sound Machine. It’s small, so you can take it to work and just plop it on your desk or wherever people most often “reply all.”

The White Noise Machine garnered a 3.9/5 customer rating. While this seems like a low rating, there were a lot of reviewers, and the complaints I could find were persnickity. Most were happy with the product received, especially for the price they paid.

oil diffuser for stress relief

Shouldn’t be downing caffiene when stressed, eh? These K Cups are not only decaf, they offer a calming, herbal blend for your afternoon pick-me-up.

These K-cups received a 5/5 stars from three very enthusiastic drinkers.

superfood coffee to help with stress response

Speak without saying a word with these classy, warm socks.

You can’t go wrong with a 4.8/5 star rating.

funny wine socks gifts for stressed out people

This pretty jar is filled with daily mindfulness tasks. The hope is that each challenges the user to be a bit more mindful each day, leading to lower stress over time.

mindfulness gift for stressed out people

These tricked-out headphones are bluetooth, noise cancelling and Alexa-voice controlled.

Receiving a 4.4/5 star rating (with thousands of reviews), these are the Rolls Royce of headphones. Move over, Dr. Dre.

reduce noise stress with these headphones

Never experience stress-induced insomnia in a cold bed again! This heated mattress cover may not lull you to sleep, but at least you’ll be nice and toasty while overthinking.

bed warmer to sleep better and reduce stress

Damnit Dolls are kinda like voodoo dolls but more fun and with less stigma. Feel like punching your boss? Whack around this fun Damnit Doll instead.

Consumers love their Damnit Dolls, bestowing a 4.5/5 star rating.

damnit dolls gifts to reduce anger

This foot massager is like some kind of relaxing cave for your feet. You could use this at the office or while watching TV.

The copy claims that this device can alleviate discomfort caused by plantar fascitis, neuropathy, diabetes, chronic pain, etc. Most customers agreed, giving the foot massager a 4.3/5 stars. However, those with bigger or smaller than average feet complained that the machine caused pain.

massager great gift for stressed out people

This boxed calendars features beautiful photographs superimposed with quotes from Zen masters. Focus on that and take deep breaths when emails are extra infuriating.

zen calendar stress relief

Enough said.

People love these baskets, giving them a 4.7/5 rating. These gourmet baskets are filled with happy, that’s why.

wine gourmet baskey gift for stressed out people

This stuff is amazing. Have a tension headache? Sore muscles? Just rub this balm where it hurts.

Tiger balm only received a 3.9/5 stars on Amazon. Those nine reviewers weren’t properly enthused.

tiger balm ease stress gift

How was your Thanksgiving? Do you do Black Friday? Let me know in the comments! Share this article so you won’t forget these gifts.

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Happy Gifting!


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