Mini Resolution May Part 5: On the Road to Veganish

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Are you loving the way you’re feeling? Have this weird surge of pride when you look in your fridge and cupboards, seeing less processed food and more homemade staples? Wanna keep riding this wave? How about trying some meals that just happen to be veganish?

Let’s take this way of eating to the next level: turning processed food avoidance into an aversion, consuming at least one vegetable-centric meal a day, and beginning to replace animal protein with faux meat.

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Fast Food Is Processed Food Too

Doesn’t ruining the process of avoiding processed snacks and staples with a number four from McDonald’s seem silly? Cutting out added salt and sugar means cutting out fast food.

We know fast food is bad for us. It’s just another example of giving money to companies that purposely cause us harm. We’ve all seen the videos of fast food decomposition (or lack of) over time. That stuff is bad news, mmmkay?

But it’s not like I’m telling you anything new. The hope is that by avoiding processed food our taste buds have changed and our cravings for these types of foods have lessened. By completing the mental exercises detailed in Part 3, we are better able to resist succumbing to a drive-thru when cravings strike.

We’re clear, then? No fast food.

vegetarian dinner
Our famous Potato-Carrot Bake: carb-y, cheesy, no meat in sight.

Giant Salad: The Ultimate Veganish Meal

A huge lunch salad is a great way to deliver macro and micro nutrients.

It’s not the funnest thing to prepare or eat. Having a salad tote for the week with washed greens and cut up toppings eases the way. A tasty dressing helps too. I use this honey mustard one: it’s sweet, tangy, and features apple cider vinegar.

This salad shouldn’t be some wimpy iceberg monstrosity, either. A lunch lacking in heft and protein means a more pronounced afternoon slump. I make sure to add a large dollop of homemade hummus, beans, avocado, and plenty of sunflower/hemp seeds to my lunch salad. This ensures I get enough protein, iron, and healthy fats to fuel the rest of my day.

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Morningstar’s Got Some Good Stuff, Man

If the anti-meat consumption stance from my what I eat in a day article intrigued you, now may be the time to play around with faux meat products.

Morningstar is out here killing it with their meat replacements. Fake corn dogs and all kinds of patties: burger, sausage, and chick’n. These products are delicious and provide the blueprint for meals that just happen to be vegan. Microwave some corn dogs, cut up a couple of potatoes to throw in the oven, and you’ve got a cleaned-up version of corn dogs and fries.

I’m not saying these meals are perfect. These meat replacements are still processed food, meant to be eaten sparingly. But, baby steps. If you’re curious about eating less meat, try replacements. Everyone deserves and needs easy, “cheat” meals. These will be your new ones. As this way of eating becomes easier, they can be phased out.

Want a Veganish Lite Meal Plan?

Click here to download my meal plan. It offers five days of eating that focuses on consuming clean snacks and staples, one veggie-centric meal a day, and easy, low-calorie, healthful, just-happen-to-be-veganish meals. I included eggs in an end-of-week brinner (breakfast for dinner) because I would eat them. You don’t have to.

I recommend Morningstar Farms fake meat and Aldi’s “meat” balls this week. Maybe later we can go all Edgy Veg and try to make some fancy homemade fake meat balls. I’ve never tried that and am hella intimidated.

No snacks were included in this meal plan, but I highly recommend them. The Mini-Resolution May approved snacks can be found in Part 2. Don’t forget smoothies.

By listing the same breakfast and the same lunch five days a week I am attempting to lessen your decision fatigue (not just being lazy, swear). Some may call this boring, but I’m not trying to entertain you. I’m trying to deliver a large amount of macro and micronutrients in the most efficient way possible.

veganish memorial day weekend bbq
Our Memorial Day BBQ menu, featuring a thick, juicy Morningstar Meat Lover’s Burger.

How is the batch cooking going? Any victories? Disasters? Let me know in the comments below. Share this article to remind yourself that you don’t eat fast food anymore.

Check out Part 4 of Mini-Resolution May here.

Happy Veganish Journey!






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Megan writes everything on Ish Mom. She possesses a bachelor's degree in psychology, a flair for theatrics, and a whole lotta nerve. She lives in the Midwest (and loves it) with her wonderful husband and three young boys.
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