Mini-Resolution May Part 6: Going All the Way

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This is it, folks! The final article for Mini Resolution May. Let’s recap: in this six-week series we’ve reevaluated our NYE Resolutions, cleaned up our snack foods, increased mental discipline, got rid of secret sugar culprits, and dipped our toes into a veganish way of eating. Whew!

Last week you tried eating Veganish Lite for a week. Let’s wrap up Mini Resolution May by eating Full Stop Veganish for a week.

Full Stop Veganish

In Part Five you ate some dinners that just happened to be veganish like pasta and brinner. This week we’re going to focus on more classic, purposely veganish dinners. There are no faux meat options in this particular meal plan. You’ll be eating two (gasp!) veggie-centric meals in a day.

If you’re not used to plant-based eating you may be dealing with some gas. Happens to all of us. Just keep the Beano close; in another week you won’t need it.

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Rethinking Dinner

Did you know dinner doesn’t have to be a meat and two sides? I sure didn’t, and this was a hard mental hurdle to clear. Eating veganish means new configurations for your plate. The more these new ways of eating are seen, the more they will be accepted by you and whomever you’re serving.

A successful dinner “blueprint” should revolve around nutrient consumption, not specific food items.

Get Your Veganish Meal Plan

Click here to get access to your PDF of a full weeks’ worth of Veganish Full Stop dinners. Continue eating oatmeal for breakfast and a giant salad for lunch.

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Dinner can look like this.

At the completion of Mini Resolution May my energy is skyrocketing, my moods are more consistent, and I’ve lost five pounds! I loved creating and completing this series. My biggest hope is that it was helpful to you.

Let me know your results, struggles, and progress in the comments below.  Share this article so everyone knows you completed the series.

Happy eating!







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