My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

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New Year’s Resolutions already get a bad rap. It seems both arbitrary and basic to equate a turn in the calendar with getting our lives together.

New Year’s resolutions inspire hope. And I need that hope now more than ever.

The little girl who loved the start of a new school year is the adult woman who looks at a new calendar year with glee, eagerly concocting plans, and lists, and goals, and then more plans. These are my 2021 New Year’s resolutions, divided by life area and organized by (themed) quarter cuz I just can’t help myself.

new years eve 2020
2020: Threw on some sparkly eye shadow and celebrated on the couch.

My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

Parenting Resolutions

1st Quarter 2021: Paperwork and Preparation

  • Big A insurance issues (ugh)
  • Little A school preparedness
  • Tiny A sleep schedule

2nd Quarter 2021: Togetherness and Intention

  • A more organized and delineated “work” and “family” time schedule
  • Get outside as a family three times a week
  • Monthly “solo dates” with each kid

3rd Quarter 2021: Declutter and Decoupage

  • Pass on outgrown toys, etc
  • Use craft time to make holiday presents earlier
  • Get a handle on the clothes situation

4th Quarter 2021: Assess and Persevere

  • Complete all wellness checks and follow up visits
  • Check Big, Little, and Tiny A against typical developmental milestones checklists
  • Uh, self-care

Professional Resolutions

1st Quarter 2021: Lean Into Always Relevant Digital

  • Check in continually with Josh to offer the best support
  • Shoulder at-home preschool and household chores
  • Pursue copywriting and editing opportunities

2nd Quarter 2021: Diversify Content

  • Explore various content delivery methods
  • Invest in equipment

3rd Quarter 2021: Elevate Content

  • Longer form content, here we come!

4th Quarter 2021: Assess and Persevere

  • Study end of year financials and analytics

Interpersonal Resolutions

1st Quarter 2021: SAD vs. Me

2nd Quarter 2021: New Ways of Networking

  • Check in weekly and electronically with colleagues and mentors to battle isolation and increase networking skills
  • Participate in community online activity monthly
  • Write someone an actual letter/card

3rd Quarter 2021: News Ways to Holiday

  • Try to keep some perspective, who knows what this year will look like
  • Stay calm

4th Quarter 2021: Assess and Persevere

  • If I did not, in fact, stay calm, insert more self-care here
cute baby wearing a new years hat
Baby Big A wearing a New Year’s Eve hat.

Health Resolutions

1st Quarter 2021: Back On The Horse

  • Exercise 20 minutes a day
  • Stretch
  • Stretch some more (I need to be able to do the splits this summer)

2nd Quarter 2021: It’s Gotta Be Holistic, Tho

  • Don’t neglect your spiritual and personal development habits
  • Cultivate gratitude

3rd Quarter 2021: Vitamin D and Deadlines

  • Exercise outside twice a week
  • Involve the boys in workouts twice a week
  • Be able to do the splits

4th Quarter 2021: Assess and Persevere

  • Take measurements (not just physical, emotional check-ins and non-scale victories too)
  • Do the splits all the time


1st Quarter 2021: Massive Declutter

  • Keep baby stuff going out the door
  • Organize “office”

2nd Quarter 2021: Garden Makeover

  • Make up for last summer’s weeding neglect
  • Turn old shopping cart into a planter

3rd Quarter 2021: Living Room Re-do

  • Paint, hang new stuff, etc

4th Quarter 2021: Financially Sane Holiday Season

  • Walk into this quarter with clear financial expectations, limits, and goals
new years resolutions 2021 meme

Remind Me To Reassess My 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

I always think I’ll do a six month re-evaluation of my New Year’s resolutions, but I rarely do. Keep me accountable, ok?

Let me know your resolutions in the comments.

Happy resolution setting!


megan imhoff

This post is part of Twinkl’s New Year Campaign, and is featured in 20+ New Year’s Resolutions For Families



Megan writes everything on Ish Mom. She possesses a bachelor's degree in psychology, a flair for theatrics, and a whole lotta nerve. She lives in the Midwest (and loves it) with her wonderful husband and three young boys.
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