Easier Than You Think: Getting More Pulses With Parmesan Garlic Hummus

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Parmesan Garlic Hummus graphic

“Eating more pulses has been shown to improve the overall nutrition quality of people’s diets.” -Cynthia Sass, R.D.

“What in all hell is a pulse??” asked five-years-ago me. It’s basically a fancy word for bean. Specifically, says Merriam-Webster, “the edible seeds of various crops (such as peas, beans, or lentils) of the legume family.”

Easy Homemade Toddler Approved Hummus
Chickpeas: one of the more unassuming superfoods

If You Take Chickpea’s Glasses Off It’s Actually Pretty Attractive

I know pulses aren’t as sexy a nutritional powerhouse as Swiss Chard, but we have to get them into our and the fam’s diets. A big way I accomplish that is to make our own hummus. The main ingredient in hummus are chickpeas. Chickpeas have about eight grams of protein, seven grams of fiber per cup, which builds muscle, helps digestion, and can curb cravings/aid weight loss. Studies have shown that pulses lowered blood glucose levels in study participants who had diabetes. Chickpeas are high in iron, folate, phosphorus, B Vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. I garnish my lunch salad with a scoop of this hummus and serve it to Big A with his lunch, topped with sunflower seeds, almost every day.  Big A has loved hummus since he started solids. One day I read the ingredients list on the hummus we used to buy from the store, and there were way too many words I didn’t understand. So here we find ourselves frolicking through a post about my homemade hummus. I promise you: It’s delicious, easy, and the ingredients are relatively cheap (tahini can be a bit more expensive and hard to find, depending on your area, but some like hummus without tahini). You do need to have a food processor. We got ours off Amazon, best purchase ever. It is a big food processor, if you have a small one, try halving the recipe.

Easy Homemade Toddler Approved Hummus5 Tips to Save Money on Groceries and Eat Healthy

Parmesan Garlic Hummus

Makes: I dunno, two big Tupperware containers full?
Time: 15 minutes
3 cans of chickpeas (save the liquid in the cans in a glass measuring cup, set aside)
1/4 cup olive oil (more for drizzling, if you desire)
1/2 cup tahini
Juice of 2 lemons
3-7 cloves of garlic (how much garlic do you like?)
1-2 tablespoons dried or fresh parsley
1 tablespoon paprika
3-5 tablespoons Parmesan cheese (do what you feel here, just ya know, the more cheese the more sodium, calories, etc)
liberal dashes of salt and pepper
A drizzle (once around the processor) of honey

1.) Put all the ingredients in the food processor. Beans, first, I suppose; honey last, but whatever order in the middle you fancy.

2.) Pour some of the canned bean liquid through the opening at the top. Just a bit at first, you’ll be adding more liquid the more you pulse the processor. You’ll have to experiment to see how much liquid you add, what texture you like. I usually use all but about a 1/4 cup of my liquid.

3.) Most food processors have a “P” for pulse, then a 1 and a 2 setting. Move the dial forward to pulse, going back to off a few times, then to the 1 setting, then to the 2. Assess your liquid situation. If you want more bean liquid, add it and repeat the grinding process.

4.) If you made a full batch, get two large square Tupperware containers and divide the hummus between the two. Store one in the fridge, the other in the freezer.

Easy Homemade Toddler Approved Hummus


I used to think I hated hummus. What are some foods you used to hate that you now eat? Comment down below! Share this recipe on your timeline so you won’t forget it.




Megan writes everything on Ish Mom. She possesses a bachelor's degree in psychology, a flair for theatrics, and a whole lotta nerve. She lives in the Midwest (and loves it) with her wonderful husband and three young boys.
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