How Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) Taught Me To Protect, Enhance, and Monetize My Own Lore

Taylor Swift is one of the most successful artists of all time. She’s proven herself time and time again: breaking records, winning awards, and just … being one of the best lyricists. Ever.

And Swift is finally releasing Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). I am swooning with anticipation (it took everything I had not to say enchantment).

Speak Now is the album that made me a Swiftie, specifically the song Ours. That’s what made me buy the CD (yup). Sparks Fly, Speak Now, Dear John, TSOF, BTR, and Haunted are the songs that made me listen to it on repeat.

For like, a year.

Watching Taylor Swift release Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) inspires me. Because she’s taking control of her legacy. Yes, by re-recording her masters. But, specifically, about how, in that process, Swift mines, repackages, and commodifies her own lore.

In the ultimate 21st century power move, her past becomes content creation.

Taylor’s re-recording process has taught me valuable lessons about protecting, enhancing, and, frankly? Monetizing my own legacy.

Speak Now (Taylor's Version) Sparks Fly Lyric quote
Some of my favorite lyrics from Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)

Preserving My Legacy (Taylor’s Version)

Taylor’s re-recording process has made me realize the importance of valuing and safeguarding my own intellectual property. What I think, say, and write holds immense worth and deserves protection.

But what happens if I’m unable to protect it? If I find myself in a challenging situation? Well, then it’s time to get cunning and think outside the box.

Read The Fine Print

Swift’s powerful journey to take control of her music teaches me the crucial need to own and protect my work. Whether it’s entering into a partnership, signing a book deal, or securing a merchandising contract, I must read the fine print.

I should also make sure legal safeguards are in place, regardless of how inoffensive that fine print is.

If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. I’ll trust my instincts and distrust implausible promises.

It’s essential to set aside funds for potential legal fees. Having trustworthy representation by my side is invaluable (especially during professional ascent).

Find The Exits

But if I do ever find myself in a losing deal, I’ll need creativity, hard work, and good lawyers (hence the legal rainy day fund) to extricate myself.

Taylor Swift’s decision to re-record her masters is a perfect example of how modern problems require modern solutions.

When faced with the obstacle of owning her masters, she didn’t just push through it; she found a different path. Instead of continuing to struggle for ownership, she left the originals behind and re-recorded them.

I can do the same when I encounter difficult situations. The world of online work, whether it’s blogging, influencing, marketing, or something else, is still relatively new, meaning there’s plenty of room for innovative solutions.

What seems impossible is often just something not fully explored.

Speak Now

When Taylor Swift faces challenging situations, she isn’t afraid to speak up. Her approach to the mistreatment of her creative work motivates me to stand up for myself.

If I ever face plagiarism, exploitation, or unprofessional treatment, I won’t hesitate to address it.

I won’t handle it as publicly as Swift does (or maybe I will), but I’ll draw inspiration from her courage when having the tough, one-on-one conversations that often come with adulthood.

When You Aim For The Devil, Don’t Miss

Confrontation is sometimes unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

Take Taylor, for example. She’s not afraid to confront difficult situations head-on. Whether it’s angering shareholders by re-recording her music or challenging the status quo, she does it with finesse.

Swift’s re-recordings are top-notch, leaving little room to accuse her of a money grab. She’s anything but lazy, with impeccable publicity and fan engagement.

And it’s paying off big time. She’s making a ton of money and breaking records left and right.

Just like Taylor, I can create work that might not seem marketable (at first), and still make a splash. I can build an audience that will trust and support me, even on unexpected paths.

Picture of Taylor Swift from Speak Now re-recording with Last Kiss lyrics

Enhancing My Legacy (Taylor’s Version)

Notice I’m using the word “enhance,” not “invent.” We can’t outright lie about our lore. Just spice it up a little.

Swift doesn’t offer new stories about her re-recorded songs, but better described details of her well-known canon.

Besides, outright lying will only end badly. They’ll eventually come to light, as they did in 2020 regarding the Kimye recorded phone call.

Watching the marketing process of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version), particularly the interviews, motivates me to mine my own lore to better expand particulars.

Everything Is Copy

In order to consider past experiences as content, it helps to internalize the famous Nora Ephron quote:

‘We all grew up with this thing that my mother said to us over and over, and over and over again, which is ‘Everything is copy.’ You’d come home with something that you thought was the tragedy of your life – someone hadn’t asked you to dance, or the hem had fallen out of your dress, or whatever you thought was the worst thing that could ever happen to a human being – and my mother would say ‘Everything is copy.’’

Nora Ephron

Everything that happens to me, good, bad, and indifferent, can be used as copy. There’s a story, and a story worth sharing, in everything.

Just depends on how you frame it.

And, Therefore, Make It Snappy

So I’d better frame it nicely.

Swift has embodied this throughout her career. In and of itself, the story of a young woman’s heartbreak (much of the subject matter of Speak Now) isn’t fascinating.

But Swift makes it interesting with dramatic lyricism, stunning album imagery, and viral promotional media.

I try to do the same with my parenting content. Much of parenting young children is monotonous and housebound, but I can use humor, writing skills, and valuable information to make my work more interesting.

Speak Now (Taylor's Version) lyrics overlay

Monetize It (Taylor’s Version)

Get ready for a dose of cynicism as I dive into this topic, not because I want to criticize Taylor, but simply because cynicism is in my nature.

In modern marketing, building a recognizable brand is essential. And Taylor Swift has fully embraced this concept.

She was ahead of the game when it came to involving fans in her creative process through social media in 2006.

Right from the start, Swift understood the power of social media. She used it to connect with her fans, but she also recognized its use for packaging and presenting her image to her audience.

Fast forward fifteen years, and she continues to find new ways to nurture this unique connection with her fans.

And, get ready, because Swift knows how to work the game.

Re-invent, Re-Package, Re-sell, Repeat

The roll-out of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) illustrates the monetization of lore perfectly.

The re-recordings aren’t about recreating the past. They’re about reinventing, repackaging, and reselling it with a fresh perspective.

Swift has taken the original album’s color scheme and styling but made it even better—a true reflection of her current self.

Taylor shows me how to evolve without losing touch with my roots (while still monetizing what I used to be).

This stirs me to be more … mindfully nostalgic. Instead of reproducing slight reiterations of myself, I am learning to evolve and embrace my past from a place of growth.

Swift shows that there’s no need to force myself back into a younger version of me. Rather, I’ll step onto the stage of evolution and celebrate who I have become.

Perform It

This is the fun part. Now that I’ve protected, enhanced, and re-packaged my lore, it’s time to perform it.

Currently, Taylor Swift is performing her re-packaged lore (and making BANK) every night during The Eras Tour. I watch the videos on Instagram; it looks magical and fun.

Swift’s songs stand well enough alone, but seeing them performed on stage, with accompanying sets, lights, and pyrotechnics, takes lyrical understanding to a whole new level.

Her tireless Era Performances remind me to entertain as well as a write.

I can do a (poor) imitation of Taylor’s lore performance by sprinkling my work engaging captions, funny videos, or startling visual elements.

Dear John lyrics quote from Speak Now (Taylor's Version)


Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) not only reminds me of Taylor Swift’s amazing talent but also her resilience and determination to protect her work.

Which inspires me to protect my own.

This re-recording is a testament that it’s never too late to take control of my legacy, to enhance and monetize it how I wish.

I’ll celebrate this realization by listening to Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) on repeat, singing along to every word.

Want More?

Need more Taylor Swift content? Have at it!

Taylor Swift image from new Speak Now with Long Live lyric quote
These lyrics remind me of my husband <3

You Tell Me!

What re-recording has been your favorite? What are you most excited about for Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)? Tell me all the Swiftie things in the comments.

Happy being the fireworks over his sad empty town!


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