The Ish Mom Summer Bucket List

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I am so excited that summer is coming! Obviously, summer is the best season: long days, water play, my birthday on the solstice. And there’s so much to do here in Richmond and Wayne County in the upcoming months: classes, performances, outdoor movies, and so much more. Let’s get started, shall we? Here is my family’s Summer Bucket List!

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The Ish Mom Summer Bucket List

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  • Car karaoke with all the windows down
  • Organize clothes according to season and size, put remainder in totes and in attic
  • Walk the Glen Miller Golf Course at dusk, end up in the Rose Garden at sunset
  • Sensory outdoor activities like water play, painting rocks, sidewalk chalk, sand boxes, and nature/insect collecting
  • Use the Anastasia Subculture Pallete for sunny yellow eye looks
  • Two words: Frozen Margaritas

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  • Attend one of the Music At The Club Events at Forest Hills Country Club
  • Pick berries
  • Get my hands on a canoe or kayak and take it out Middlefork Reservoir (home to a new playground as well)
  • Watch fireworks, light sparklers
  • Organize and deep clean the kitchen and bathrooms
  • Go to the Summer Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings at Jack Elstro Plaza
  • Laugh with Pauly Shore at The Fourth Floor Blues Club

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  • Blow bubbles in the backyard
  • Color at MRL’s Adult Coloring Workshop: Universe of Colors
  • Remember to reapply sunscreen (for the boys too)
  • Eat lunch at the Quaker Hill Conference Center from their Fresh From The Garden series
  • Exfoliate

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Buh-bye, Seasonal Depression

Ack! There’s so much to do! I’m gonna wear sandals, eat some elephant ears, and be sweatier than usual. It’s going to be great.

What are you looking forward to this summer? Let me know in the comments below. Share this article to spread the word about these fun-filled events.

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Happy Summering!







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