The Power of Positivity with KyliAnn Lemons

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I stumbled upon a real smiley part of the internet, full of positivity; curated by KyliAnn Lemons. Her site is a haven for good vibes and positive thinking.

Inspired, I found myself smashing that “email” button. I asked KyliAnn to collab with me, no clear ideas in mind, only wanting to work with her. When she said she was doing a positivity project for the month of July, I thought “of course you are, you darling girl.”

KyliAnn and I strove to make positive impacts through random compliments; in real life and on social media (especially in the face of negativity on social media). We vowed that, in the face of toxicity, we would attempt to respond in kindness.

The Positive Impact of Complimenting Strangers

As a work-from-home I don’t always get out a lot. But when I did, I tried to have at least two complimentary interactions. Just a quick, “I love your sandals!” or something.

In most cases, the effect was immediate. People lit up with a smile, and, at the very least, thanked me. Usually, they would tell me where they had gotten the item and give me a compliment in turn. Everyone left these interactions feeling good.
Be the Sunshine

The Positive Side of Social Media

Just because people are dicks on social media doesn’t mean you have to be a dick back…is a guideline I have a hard time accepting. I’m working on it. And KyliAnn is here to help me.

In the name of this project, I did my best to respond to online negativity with kindness. At the least, without active insults. I would interject something positive if I encountered a glut of online complaining. Or suggest volunteer opportunities centering whatever social issue was being bitched about. And, sometimes, I had to walk away.

The Positivity Effect

Giving random compliments to strangers was awesome. They smiled at me, I smiled at them; a good time was had by all. I’d always come home with a spring in my step after these interactions, and I suspect/hope they did too.

This month also taught me that being a tiny voice of positivity in a dumpster fire of a comment thread can turn the tide. A benign positive statement can temporarily dampen online ardor when complaints and insults are flung indiscriminately.

The internet is a jungle, man. It’s hard to stay positive under the deluge of all that…crap. KyliAnn’s blog can be a warm place to land in a cold internet world. Her posts can help us all stay positive. Make sure to follow her on Instagram and like her on Facebook as well!

little a spreading positivity
Little A has some smiles for ya


How do you stay positive in the face of Debbie Downers or stressful situations? Let me know in the comments below. Share this article, show KyliAnn some love!

Happy complimenting!







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