Author Interview: Trina Folse and “The Uterus’ Guide To Raising A Baby”

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The Uterus’ Guide To Raising A Baby is one of the most comforting books I’ve read about pregnancy and the “fourth trimester.” In this cute adult picture book? Short graphic novel? Folse showcases the role of hormones throughout the gestation and raising of infants. She is quick to inform her readers that are these weird feelings and behaviors are natural. And, most importantly, that everything will be fine.

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I interviewed Trina to talk about her work, writing process, daily life, and turning thirty.

Trina Folse and her book The Uterus' Guide To Raising A Baby
The lovely Folse and her book

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Author Interview With Trina Folse

1.) Your book explains the biological aspects of hormones role in pregnancy in an adorable way. What inspired you to write it this way?

I wanted all mom’s/mom-to-be’s to know that they’re not alone in their feelings and that those hormones play a much bigger role than we usually give them credit for. I never wanted to be a mother, I thought it was a hard and thankless job (it is) so when I found out I was pregnant it was really hard for me to feel connected to the baby growing inside me. I spent my entire pregnancy in fear of what would happen when she came into the world and if I would love her. The second she was born a wave of emotions hit and I immediately felt a love that was stronger than anything else I had ever felt in my entire life. Those hormones that enhanced my fears during pregnancy actually helped me to connect with this tiny bluish human that was only a second old.

2.) What’s the silliest thing you’ve cried over while pregnant? Crazy cravings?

I cried because I was pregnant with a baby and not a pig! Yep, because I have a small farm with a variety of livestock and 3 pet mini pigs I felt more equipped with the knowledge of how to care for a pig rather than another human. My weirdest craving was that white cheddar popcorn and a Coke Icee.

3.) What’s your writing process like?

Crazy! I’m usually doing farm chores and recording my thoughts in the process. Then after everything is done for the day and the baby is in bed I try to make sense of what I was saying through the background noises of waterers being filled or animal sounds.

4.) Do you have a morning and/or evening routine? What do they look like?

Every morning I spend quality time with my daughter for a little while before we get her breakfast and start our day, those moments cuddling are my favorite.

5.) How did you pick your illustrator? What was it like working together?

I had seen his work on various other projects and loved how he was able to create a variety of styles. I really enjoyed working with him. The whole process was very simple, basically I sent him a document with what I had envisioned as I was writing it scene by scene and he brought it to life. After a few edits everything was as it is now.
Trina Folse and her daughter
Trina and her little girl, just being precious

6.) How are you navigating the publishing world?

It’s a completely different experience from my previous retail management days. I have always loved learning new things and this has been the most unique learning experience to date.

7.) You describe yourself as a “stay at homesteader.” Tell us about your day.

I wake up to an adorable crying alarm clock, the tiny human. I get her breakfast and while she eats I do laundry as well as let the dogs and mini pigs out. Then we put on our farm boots and head outside to feed the pigs, goats, cows, chickens, and rabbits.
By that time we’ve worked up an appetite so I make myself breakfast and her a snack. We play, read, color, dance then brush our teeth and call Daddy before her nap. While she naps, I run around the farm doing the bulk of the chores. Then I come inside for a bit of house cleaning, and then try to carve out some time to work. I get her lunch ready and then she’s up.
After eating lunch we go back out to feed the farm babies again. We spend time learning and discovering new things around the farm. Then it’s time for dinner. We do our bedtime routine after that.
Once she’s in bed, her daddy and I try to catch up with whatever needs to be done. I work for as long as I can and then we let everyone out one more time while we check that all the farm babies are safe in their beds and then we go to bed.

8.) What are some of your time management techniques?

I try to be consistent with my daily routine and do whatever small tasks I can to make progress on the big projects. I’m also a master at the brain dump lists, where I just write down a million things and then I pick off what I can when I see an opportunity.

9.) Dare I say? You recently turned 29. Is there anything you want to accomplish by 30?

It’s so weird to even think that I’ve been on this Earth for that long already. My biggest goal would have to be to successfully grow a garden with a variety of vegetables. Right now I can only grow one thing while the others perish.

10.) How do you find downtime and what do you do in it?

Any down time I get I try to spend it with my family, some live an hour away, so we make plans for lunch or outings. I love taking my little girl to the zoo or aquarium.
Awwwwww <3
The Uterus’ Guide To Raising A Baby is an informative read, complete with adorable illustrations. This little book would make a great gift for a mother, expectant or otherwise, in your life.
What was your weirdest pregnancy craving or trigger? What’s on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments below. Share this article to show Trina some love (and follow her on Instagram)!
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Happy reading!

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