About Ish Mom

About Me

Hi! I’m Megan, AKA Ish Mom, tall and extroverted. I’m a writer, mother, wife, and proud community member. I live in a medium-sized town in central Indiana—enough McDonalds to smack of the metropolitan but with cornfields a soberingly quick jaunt in any direction. I genuinely love the Midwest and have the opes to show it. I’m an elderly Millennial (meaning I remember when pagers were the bomb).

You can frequently find me in the places I’m not supposed to be in, talking to the people I’m not supposed to talk to, asking the questions I’m not supposed to ask. Or at the library. Or home in sweats and glitter eye makeup.

I love words, the color yellow, mashed potatoes, research, dirty jokes, my family, mermaids, laughing, books, Lucille Ball, raccoons, razor-sharp wits, YouTube, free community activities, and obsessing over whether I was weird during random interactions at said activity. I hate coffee, being tickled, entitlement, any new Housewife for the entirety of their first season (except Erika), indirectness, onions, and unfulfilled expectations.

I’m a mess of contradictions. I preach and practice the goodness of not eating chemicals and happily rub retinol all over my face. I read literature the way others breathe but will throw down if a Kardashian-Jenner is insulted.

I’m an odd mix of out there and Type A overachiever. I’d love to join in your zany plan, but maybe we could flow chart and financial report it first? I’m Nancy Botwin, Tyler Durden, and Tracy Flick, all swirled together.

I don’t quite fit in with the cool moms; my fanatical talk of nutrition and schedules seems to initially turn them off. All the cursing and stuff seems to initially turn off the Pinterest Moms. These labels are bullshit, anyway. I’ve learned to just smile and introduce myself to everyone and watch where the chips fall.

This is me, smiling and introducing myself to you. Let’s be friends!

megan imhoff