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Over 40 Eye Makeup Guide

Some say bold and beautiful eye makeup isn’t part of a post-40 beauty repertoire. That’s silly. Women over 40 should rock bold eye makeup. We can do so with flair, confidence, and panache (that youth simply can’t buy). But. The skin around our eyes changes as we age. It stands

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The Internet’s Favorite Holiday Cookies

Festive cookies are one of the best things about the holidays. The whole production is so holiday-coded: a warm kitchen on cold days, involving restless kids, going unnecessarily hard with sprinkles and icing. To honor the coziness of it all, I’ve gathered a list of some the internet’s favorite holiday

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How to Use Black Liquid Eyeliner and Red Liquid Lipstick

Black eyeliner and red liquid lipstick are notoriously difficult makeup products; not for the faint of heart. Or individuals with no prior experience, pushing forty with hooded eyes. It’s me. I’m individuals. Nevertheless, I bravely set out to wear black liquid eyeliner and bright red liquid lipstick for thirty-one days.

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woman smiling in the mirror after doing skincare routine

13 Best at Home Anti-Aging Skincare Devices (2023 Guide)

New anti-aging skincare devices are entering the market each month, it seems. Fresh, dewy skin is replacing the mid-2010s “cake face” aesthetic. Skincare is the new makeup, and beauty companies are taking note. And moisturizer alone just isn’t cutting it anymore. Elder Millennials are pushing 40 (or slightly past) and

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13 Fun Gifts for Music Lovers [Holiday 2021]

Music lovers can be difficult to find gifts for. They’re a discerning lot. These thirteen gifts for music lovers are fun and unusual, but also practical. Ideal for solving some of the unique dilemmas that music lovers have (like, running low on phone battery from filming at a concert). Must-have

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20 Gifts for Burnout

Alright, I understand that burnout has become a bit of a buzzword, but how else am I to describe The Overall Reckoning of 2020 and 2021? Even without the pandemic stuff, burnout seems to be a recurrent theme of the late 2010s. Who hasn’t had a career burnout at 40,

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veganish plant based meals

15 Healthy Veganish Family Meals

A veganish diet is the answer to that feeling of defeatism that comes from browsing #cleaneating posts. It’s a whole food diet with an attainable approach. This attainability sets veganish eating apart from strict regimes and pointless “rules.” There’s only one veganish rule, really: Stay Calm and Avoid Processed Food

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