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healthy salad with lots of vegetables

What I Ate on my 21-Day Reset

I recently did a 21-day reset of clean eating and personal development. It felt great. Full disclosure, I ended a bit early. I made it nearly 20 days into the reset (dang you, PMS!). But, hey, that felt great, too. Taking (nearly) three weeks to eat cleanly and consciously, to

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vegan treats for easter with stuffed chick

13 Vegan Easter Treats & Desserts

Vegan Easter treats let plant-based eaters enjoy the holiday. Easter is my absolute favorite holiday, I love all the pastel colors, renewal, hope, and uh, candy. But many traditional Easter treats and desserts have animal product ingredients (womp womp). I’ve searched the internet to find the most delicious desserts-sans butter,

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veganish meal

What Is Veganish?

People ask me what veganish means. A lot. When I reply that veganish is cutting out most (but not all!) animal products, omnivores go on a strange bacon tangent. Or classic vegans berate me about my egg consumption. I know I’m straddling the line here. But let me assure you

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OT Autism

Parent’s Guide to Occupational Therapy for Autism

It’s a quiet weekday morning for our occupational therapy appointment at Reid Health Pediatric Therapy and my autistic toddler is terrified. “We’re just going to look at it today,” his occupational therapist reassures. Stephanie Van Slyke, OTD, OTR/L, is referring to an innocuous swing. But Big A sees something big

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qrx labs skincare products

QRxLabs Review: The Best Skin Care Brand You’ve Never Heard Of

QRxLabs brings affordable skin care to the masses. It’s me, I’m masses. Or, at the least, I’m a veritable skin care junkie. Keeper of half-filled bottles and those cardboard samples from magazines. I’m a sucker for anything offering that anti-aging trifecta: brightening, tightening, and smoothing. And QRxLabs is simply the

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Plant Based Grocery List [Free PDF Printables]

I haven’t entered a supermarket without a grocery list since 2016. Using my plant based grocery list and meal plan saves me time, money and sanity. I’ve been vocal about my veganish diet and distaste for processed food. So what do we buy at the grocery? How do we keep costs

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10 Vegan Thanksgiving Desserts

While I’ve already professed my love of sides, you better believe I ain’t leaving Thanksgiving dinner without some vegan desserts. I’ve searched the internet to find the most delicious desserts-sans butter, milk, and eggs. Several of these recipes are Paleo, gluten-free, and what-not as well! If all else fails, remember—Oreos

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15 Vegan Thanksgiving Sides

I’ve always loved Thanksgiving. It’s never been about the turkey (even when I ate meat). It’s about the Thanksgiving sides. I adore that Thanksgiving is a celebration of fancy side dishes. On what other day is it acceptable to serve a casserole dish of carbs covered with marshmallows?? No other

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Vegan Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

Vegan cauliflower mac and cheese is served weekly at Ish Mom headquarters. I’ve already told y’all about my love of cauliflower. Cauliflower contains an important nutrient called choline. As choline gives me a nutrition hard-on there’s plenty of it in this vegan cauliflower mac and cheese recipe. Vegan cauliflower mac

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