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Bougie vs. Broke: Benefit Cheek Stars Face Palette vs. Catrice California In A Box Face Palette Review

Face palettes do soooo much. They warm the skin, define bone structure, and even provide a simplistic eye look. But, do they need to be so…expensive? Sure, you get more than one product, but some brands are out here being crazy (cough Anastasia Beverly Hills cough). In Bougie vs. Broke, I compare two similar products at different price points. In this edition, the Benefit Cheek Stars is the bougie face palette, Catrice California In A Box the broke. Let’s see

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Who is Ish Mom?

Hi! I’m Megan.

I’m a writer, community builder, and alchemist.

I live in Richmond Indiana with my stupidly amazing husband and our three boys, Big, Little A, and soon-to-be A. The oldest was diagnosed with autism around age two.

Poke around and find out more. I always aim to tell it to you straight while keeping you in stitches.

What is Ish Mom?

I’ve got layers. And Ish Mom represents them all. I write about parenting, makeup, books, autism, social psychology, local businesses and happenings, nutrition, people of interest, and more.

But, why Ish Mom? It’s my tongue-in-cheek reclamation of a frequent insult throw around in Sanctimommy groups—Shit Mom. We’re all “shit” at something-fix or embrace it, but don’t worry about it.

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