makeup in 30s

Best Makeup Tips and Tricks for Your 30s

Our 30s is typically the decade when we start getting it together. Things are becoming steady, relationships less dramatic, and our career paths started. But life becomes more taxing, as well. Many of us have young children and demanding careers, eroding sleep and increasing stress. 30+ skin is losing collagen

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38 Things I’ve Learned In 38 Years

I’ve learned many things in my 38 rotations around the sun. Well, I’ve learned 38 things; no more, no less. These are the 38 things I’ve learned in 38 years. Self/Development Negative emotions can be felt without being reacted to It’s fine to outgrow people, including and most importantly, past

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Wayne County Summer 2021 Bucket List

I’m ready to attack my Summer 2021 bucket list! Luckily, there are so many things to do in Wayne County, Indiana. I’m especially excited after last year. Remember last year? It was a lot of nothing. There’s so much going on that I’ll list events and activities throughout the summer,

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What Is Non-Reactive Parenting?

Non-reactive parenting isn’t an absence of reaction. I’m not over here asking caregivers to be zombies. Non-reactive parenting is reacting strategically. It’s reacting neutrally when kids are being jerks (yeah, I said it) and reacting happily to children’s positive behavior. Non-reactive parenting is going off autopilot where adult feelings are

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Review: Klara and The Sun by Kazuo Ishiguru

Klara and The Sun by Kazuo Ishiguru is a beautifully written book warning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution disguised as an exploration of whether robots have souls. (Spoiler alert: They do not. But that doesn’t mean they can’t demonstrate goodness. Or, in Klara’s case, perhaps…be good.) Klara is an average

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toddler reading book

6 Essential Early Literacy Skills

Early literacy is not learning to read. Early literacy is the development of the skills needed to be able to learn to read. Don’t get me (and child development experts) started on the madness that is expecting kindergartens to read. A huge part of early literacy involves awareness and appreciation

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healthy salad with lots of vegetables

What I Ate on my 21-Day Reset

I recently did a 21-day reset of clean eating and personal development. It felt great. Full disclosure, I ended a bit early. I made it nearly 20 days into the reset (dang you, PMS!). But, hey, that felt great, too. Taking (nearly) three weeks to eat cleanly and consciously, to

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Inside Story by Martin Amis: The Ish Mom Review

Inside Story by Martin Amis is a maddening book written by a maddening man. I’m writing this review partly out of perversity, gleeful with the knowledge that Inside Story is unlikely material for a “mom blogger“. Amis would likely eye my attempt with utter disdain. And courting disdain from such

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vegan treats for easter with stuffed chick

13 Vegan Easter Treats & Desserts

Vegan Easter treats let plant-based eaters enjoy the holiday. Easter is my absolute favorite holiday, I love all the pastel colors, renewal, hope, and uh, candy. But many traditional Easter treats and desserts have animal product ingredients (womp womp). I’ve searched the internet to find the most delicious desserts-sans butter,

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