22 Cottagecore Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Cottagecore began sprinkling social media feeds in 2017. Fueled by Tumblr posts, Taylor Swift albums, and pandemic life, cottagecore was more a full-blown movement by the spring of 2020. I, of course, am a teensy bit late to the Cottagecore trend. But now I’m really into it. Welcome to the

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How To Get Kids To Listen Without Losing Your Mind

“Listen,” is the first result after typing “How do I get my kids to…” into Google (followed by “stop fighting”). If that ain’t proof that getting kids to listen is a universal struggle, I don’t know what is. We’re all in the same boat here: trying to get stuff done,

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20 Gifts for Burnout

Alright, I understand that burnout has become a bit of a buzzword, but how else am I to describe The Overall Reckoning of 2020 and 2021? Even without the pandemic stuff, burnout seems to be a recurrent theme of the late 2010s. Who hasn’t had a career burnout at 40,

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veganish plant based meals

15 Healthy Veganish Family Meals

A veganish diet is the answer to that feeling of defeatism that comes from browsing #cleaneating posts. It’s a whole food diet with an attainable approach. This attainability sets veganish eating apart from strict regimes and pointless “rules.” There’s only one veganish rule, really: Stay Calm and Avoid Processed Food

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The Importance of Household Chores for Kids

Kids hate doing chores. But are any of us over the moon about them, really? Chores are like Spanx. They’re both unsung heroes: Spanx of the form-fitting dress, chores of the average household. Most people notice the fabulous dress, never imagining the spandex scaffolding holding everything in. Same with cleaning

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makeup in 30s

Best Makeup Tips and Tricks for Your 30s

Our 30s is typically the decade when we start getting it together. Things are becoming steady, relationships less dramatic, and our career paths started. But life becomes more taxing, as well. Many of us have young children and demanding careers, eroding sleep and increasing stress. 30+ skin is losing collagen

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38 Things I’ve Learned In 38 Years

I’ve learned many things in my 38 rotations around the sun. Well, I’ve learned 38 things; no more, no less. These are the 38 things I’ve learned in 38 years. Self/Development Negative emotions can be felt without being reacted to It’s fine to outgrow people, including and most importantly, past

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Wayne County Summer 2021 Bucket List

I’m ready to attack my Summer 2021 bucket list! Luckily, there are so many things to do in Wayne County, Indiana. I’m especially excited after last year. Remember last year? It was a lot of nothing. There’s so much going on that I’ll list events and activities throughout the summer,

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