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6 Essential Early Literacy Skills

Early literacy is not learning to read. Early literacy is the development of the skills needed to be able to learn to read. Don’t get me (and child development experts) started on the madness that is expecting kindergartens to read. A huge part of early literacy involves awareness and appreciation

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What I Ate on my 21-Day Reset

I recently did a 21-day reset of clean eating and personal development. It felt great. Full disclosure, I ended a bit early. I made it nearly 20 days into the reset (dang you, PMS!). But, hey, that felt great, too. Taking (nearly) three weeks to eat cleanly and consciously, to

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Inside Story by Martin Amis: The Ish Mom Review

Inside Story by Martin Amis is a maddening book written by a maddening man. I’m writing this review partly out of perversity, gleeful with the knowledge that Inside Story is unlikely material for a “mom blogger“. Amis would likely eye my attempt with utter disdain. And courting disdain from such

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vegan treats for easter with stuffed chick

13 Vegan Easter Treats & Desserts

Vegan Easter treats let plant-based eaters enjoy the holiday. Easter is my absolute favorite holiday, I love all the pastel colors, renewal, hope, and uh, candy. But many traditional Easter treats and desserts have animal product ingredients (womp womp). I’ve searched the internet to find the most delicious desserts-sans butter,

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12 Easy Developmental Easter Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

It’s hard to find easy developmental Easter activities for toddlers and preschoolers. Many Easter preschool and toddler activities are too complex, messy, and time-consuming. The crafts involve scissors or dreaded paper mache. There are too many steps; they ask toddlers for more attention and dexterity than they possess. Here’s a

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How to Talk with a Nonverbal Child

Though a nonverbal child may not answer (in a way that you’re used to), they’re as interested in conversation as anybody else. In this article, I’ll break down how to talk with a nonverbal child. He’s So Quiet… Says the super nice sales lady at the cosmetics counter. “Oh, he’s

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Margaret’s Vintage Boutique

Margaret’s is a unique vintage boutique in Richmond Indiana. “It really is my mom’s old table!” I cry. I’m squatting in the middle of one of the most aesthetically pleasing little boutiques, peering under a vintage Formica topped kitchen table. Memories of the late ’90s came rushing back, spending hours

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Sensory Activities For Autism

Sensory activities for autism help Big A (my autistic four-year-old son) make sense of his world. That sounds like a grand statement, especially since I’m talking about finger painting. But seriously. Put down the workbooks and grab some sticks from the back yard. While sensory activities are helpful to all

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taylor swift evermore folklore

8 Lessons Taylor Swift Taught Me as a Content Creator

Taylor Swift’s latest albums, Folkore and Evermore, aren’t only perfectly vibed masterpieces that I can’t stop bopping to. These albums are straight up professional development tools. They’re my own personal Lean In-esque musical manifesto, offering insights that invigorate me as a blogger and content creator. Folklore and Evermore direct me to

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