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Halloween Favorites 2018

I understand why people get so obsessed with Halloween-it’s like Christmas with less stress. The snacks are cute, easy, and no one expects a meal made of them. Revelry tinges the air as candy is given and received (all aspects of that tradition are just…fun). The obligatory outdoor activities aren’t

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Fall Decorating 2018: What I Know so Far

I understand that seasonal decorating is a capitalist scheme (instead of buying one set of knick knacks, you buy a set for each holiday/season), I just don’t care. Fall decorating smacks of the rustic more than other seasons, making my little progesterone-drenched heart flutter. I’m fairly new at this having

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Bougie vs. Broke: Primer Edition

  James Charles, born the month and year Livin’ La Vida Loca was a smash hit, says you don’t need to use primer. I’m sure James Charles does not need primer, but we do. I know it just seems like an extra step, but primer has many uses: it can perfect, correct,

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