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My PIIT28 Results: Before and After

Raise your hand if you ate a lot of terrible food this December. ?‍♀️ Yeah, me too. But with PIIT28 I was at least able to maintain my weight. Keeping up my workout regimen increased my energy and kept insanity at bay during all the holiday season. I can see

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Half-Ass Meal Prep With Me: A Tired Mom’s Guide

I Don’t Do Mason Jars I don’t want to meal prep. We have what realtors call a “cozy” kitchen; it’s too small to house all the glass containers that meal prepping requires. I’ve always hated clutter and that is what having a bunch of little glass containers sounds like-clutter. We don’t

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Blender Corn Pudding for Thanksgiving

Easy Blender Corn Pudding

Do you love corn? Hate mixing ingredients? Do I have the recipe for you. I was surprised to find that Big A didn’t seem to care for it—he likes corn and the texture of bread. We’ll keep trying-but it’s quick, easy, and delicious. That’s enough for me to consider it a

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