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how to teach toddler to point

How to Teach Pointing to Autistic Child

Pointing is an important developmental milestone for young children. It helps them learn language, gives them a better understanding of their environment, and provides the ability to socialize with others in a meaningful way. Teaching pointing to your autistic child may be challenging, but it’s not impossible! We’ve been working

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parenting book

The Best Parenting Advice I’ve Ever Received

The best parenting advice I’ve ever received was delivered by one of my besties, Amanda. We’re both psychology nerds and love to talk about totally fun and not boring stuff like internalized vs. externalized anxiety and the role of perception. Somehow the subject turned to Big A (who was probably

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4 Free Baby Toys

Tired of outrageously priced baby toys that will soon be broken and slobbery? Let’s “shop our house” for free baby toys! I’m a sucker for the infant and toddler toy that is brightly colored and marketed as educational. I positively shake if it promises to grow with the child through

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How I Help My Autistic Toddler Cope With Sensory Issues

Our two and a half year old is diagnosed with autism. That diagnosis can come with sensory processing difficulties. These are the techniques we use to help big a cope with sensory issues. When sensory issues are under control it’s much easier to teach big a the lessons he needs

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How I Knew My Toddler Was Autistic

“How did you know your child has autism?” is the number one question asked of me since sharing Big A’s autism diagnosis. In person, but especially in messages, from acquaintances and strangers alike. Hey, I get it. It’s not a question I wanted to ask aloud either. But paying attention

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Toddler Christmas Craft: Homemade Dough Ornaments

How the hell is it the middle of December?!?! The holidays snuck up on me. We have most of our shopping done (something I’ve never said before) but I’ve barely crafted and baked. These homemade dough ornaments count as both. This is a great Christmas craft: easy, economical, not too

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