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Increasing Frustration Tolerance of Non-verbal Toddler

It is small consolation knowing that Big A, my two-year-old autistic toddler, is as frustrated by his lack of speech as we are, especially because he communicates this by screeching, kicking, and throwing whatever’s closest (or his little self upon the floor). Big A doesn’t ask for a drink, he

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Sensory Play Sunday: Two Easy Borax and Glue Free Slimes

Science For Littles Making slime with Big A was an exercise in critical thinking for both of us. Messy play is a great sensory experience for toddlers: they get to feel different textures and witnesses the reactions of mixing ingredients. I didn’t introduce the periodic table or anything, but things

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kid playing with water beads

Sensory Play Sunday: Water Beads Feel So Freaking Cool

Orbeeeeeeeeezzzz Do you guys know about water beads? I’m going to assume you do, I’m typically one of the last to Know Things. On our continual quest to provide Big A with experiences he may feel the need to, I don’t know, remark upon, my best friend Amanda came over with

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