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My Habit Change Story

Y’all know I’m obsessed with habit change. I read books, peruse studies, and watch countless videos on the subject. When I talk about habit change, I tend to use my children as an example. It’s easier. And the accompanying pictures are cuter. My habit change story is not as cute.

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36 Things I’ve Learned in 36 Years

Happy Birthday to Me! Sometimes it feels like I’ve lived several lives in these handful of decades. I’ve salvaged lessons from every one. In honor of my 36th Birthday, here are 36 things I’ve learned. In no particular order: 36 Things I’ve Learned In 36 Years If you don’t have

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My Birth Injury Story

Did you know that May is Maternal Nerve Injury From Childbirth Awareness Month? Before I was pregnant, I had never even heard the term birth injury. Of course I understood that labor would hurt, but I had no idea that being unable to leave my bed afterward was a possibility.

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