13 Fun Gifts for Music Lovers [Holiday 2021]

Music lovers can be difficult to find gifts for. They’re a discerning lot.

These thirteen gifts for music lovers are fun and unusual, but also practical. Ideal for solving some of the unique dilemmas that music lovers have (like, running low on phone battery from filming at a concert).

room full of guitars belonging to a music lover

Must-have gifts for music lovers

These fancy, 2-in-1 headsets are engineered for both wired gaming and wireless lifestyle use. They’re also noise-cancelling, super comfortable, and features a state-of-the-art mic.

Do you love the treble clef? And necklaces? Then you’ll love this delicate sterling silver pendant.

The Teenage Engineering arcade synthesizer module is a stripped-down, easy to use, on-the-go synth. The cool kids in your life will non-ironically adore this gift.

Vibes earplugs are musician-approved and will (invisibly) protect your hearing at concerts.

Keep your phone charged for the whole festival (up to 34 hours!) with this take-anywhere, fit-in-your-pocket, wireless phone charger.

Another cool music toy for the cool kids, this gadget will please audiophiles.

sheet music and headphones for writing and recording music

Did you know you could make your own music box? Me neither! Check out this cool DIY music box kit.

They’re coasters (like, to put your drink on) that look like vinyl records. Pretty cool.

This sleek night like looks like a Spotify screen. You can customize it with your favorite song and a personal snapshot.

Combining warmth and music, this tech-y hat is a great stocking stuffer for teens.

The ultimate party game for music lovers! A perfect addition to game night, all you need is a way to listen to music and the card deck.

Cuz they need to know.

Did you love Taylor Swift’s Folklore? Don’t answer that, of course you did. These decals serve aaallll the Folklore aesthetic.

vintage speaker for music lovers and vase of flowers

These gifts are sure to please even the most eclectic music lovers. Who doesn’t at least love a snarky mug?

What was your favorite album of 2021? (I’ve been loving the ladies of pop: Taylor, Olivia, Lorde, Billie, and the like.) Let me know in the comments.

Happy rocking out!


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