Margaret’s Vintage Boutique

Margaret’s is a unique vintage boutique in Richmond Indiana.

amber parker and hannah abrams, owners of margarets in richmond indiana
Amber Parker and Hannah Abrams

“It really is my mom’s old table!” I cry. I’m squatting in the middle of one of the most aesthetically pleasing little boutiques, peering under a vintage Formica topped kitchen table. Memories of the late ’90s came rushing back, spending hours sitting at this table, fingers roped in the plastic coils of our landline kitchen phone.

I can’t really explain the pleasure this brought me. If there wasn’t already live music playing, the whole establishment would have heard my shriek of delight. As I’m smiling up at Amber Parker, co-owner of the cute boutique I was still squatting in, I can see she gets it.

“See?!” she exclaims, grinning ear to ear. “Isn’t it so cool? When I see something that reminds me of growing up or something our grandma had, I know it belongs here.”

margarets vintage boutique in richmond indiana


Here is Margaret’s, where that table is perfectly at home. It’s covered in wares, as are the shelves and racks along the walls. Trinkets and goodies are arranged artfully on vintage luggage against the walls.

Margaret’s is not an antique store. It’s a vintage boutique featuring 70’s-90’s era pieces. Amber finds items online and at thrift stores. Hannah upcycles (purposely distresses, reverse tie-dyes) some of the clothes.

Margaret’s is owned by Amber Parker and Hannah Abrams, “cousins by blood and best friends by choice.” Hannah joked that the two of them don’t spend enough time together (they grew up together, hang out together, and both work at Richmond Family Dentistry), so they decided to open a business.

Amber noticed Hannah’s up-cycling talent and encouraged her to sell the clothes. This idea germinated into opening an entire boutique, offering the upcycled clothing, handmade jewelry by local artisans, and vintage clothing, home accents, luggage, blankets/quilts, and shoes.


The Inspiration for Margaret’s

Growing up, Hannah and Amber spent summers at their grandmother’s house (that would be Margaret), deep in the country of Alabama. There wasn’t much to do. So the girls spent the hot afternoons “weaving in and out of furniture in the basement, opening secret drawers, wrapped up in the comfiest quilts and mesmerized by the simplest trinkets.”

Amber and Hannah are passionate about finding beautiful pieces that pack a punch of nostalgia, 1970s-1990s style. There’s a wall of cassettes that made my elderly millennial heart swoon. There are wooden salad bowls, stacked on shelves, that I know your older female relatives had too.

Margaret’s slogan is “Because memories were made to be shared.” And that’s exactly what Margaret’s feels like. It’s not like buying just a sweatshirt, or just some glassware, but experiences and memories.

wall of cassettes at Margaret's vintage boutique
Wall of cassettes

The Family That Businesses Together

Margaret’s is a family-run business, with Amber and Hannah at the helm and their teenaged children helping as much as possible.

“We have a super close family, very supportive,” Hannah says. “Our soft opening was like a family reunion.”

vintage suitcase with old family photos at margaret's vintage boutique in richmond indiana
Some of the fam

Margaret’s Deets

Margaret’s is tucked whimsically away in the New Boswell Brewery and Taproom in Richmond, Indiana. From the outside, Margaret’s looks like the world’s coolest shed, vinyl records artfully arranged across the door. Once inside, you wonder how it looked so small, as it seems roomy now.

Margaret’s is open Thursday, 5 pm-9 pm, Friday, 5 pm-10 pm, and Saturday, 10 am-10 pm.

But you can shop on Instagram and Facebook anytime.

margaret's vintage boutique in richmond indiana

If you love effortlessly cool vintage goods that remind you of your grandma (in a good way), then you’ll love Margaret’s. Make sure you follow them on Instagram and Facebook so you can stalk their looks.

Happy shopping!


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