11 Cheap and Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts



There’s something about late January that’s just…dogged. The cold is piercing and persistent. The sun still goes down too early. It’s gray. All the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s have worn off. We’re in the middle of the tunnel that is winter. At least by mid-February the opening is in sight, you know?

Let’s create our own sparkle, for ourselves and our kids, with fun, skill-building activities. Nothing too crazy, though, cuz it’s late January. I’m talking old toilet roll tubes and poster paint, paper plates and construction paper. That’s my speed this time of year.

11 Cheap and Easy Valentine's Day crafts Ish Mom

Dollar Tree To The Rescue

We were snowed in this weekend (though not nearly as bad as the internet predicted) and Dollar Tree foam hearts, stickers, and wooden signs me.

I dragged the kids’ table into the dining room and covered it with paint-filled palettes, brushes, paper and a ceramic dog figure. Big A loves the color red so we smeared that everywhere (don’t forget shaving cream will get

it off surfaces). White paint mixed in made a lovely pink that I painted a wooden heart sign with.

Little A watched from his high chair, making eyes at me above Big A’s head. He really wanted to join us. But I knew (and he knew I knew) that he would promptly eat the paint.

The foam sheets we painted will be pretty (and heartfelt, cheap, easy) Valentine cards for loved ones!

Baby Smiling during valentine's day craft
“Yeah I’d eat that.”

Great Minds Think Alike

Here’s a round-up of some stellar ladies with the same idea. These crafts are easy. The materials are probably on hand and the instructions are clear.

Check These Out:

  • From Spit Ups and Sit Ups: Cut a sponge into a heart shape so your baby can stamp, stamp, stamp it. Use the remaining pieces to help clean up the mess!
  • Messy Little Monster has a much-easier-than-you’d-think Heart Fingerprint Keyring craft.
  • Craftulate has another stamping option: an old toilet roll tube (it works)! I also loved her Heart Mobile.
  • Puppets. Creative Family Fun understands that¬† and wants you to make this easy one.


11 Cheap and Easy Valentine's Day crafts Ish Mom

And If You Dare…

Easy Valentine's Day Toddler Crafts Ish Mom
“I’ll paint but I’mma hold my car too”

I do not dare.

valentines day quote

How’s your “yeah it’s definitely winter” going? Let me know in the comments below. Tag me on Instagram if you make any of these crafts! Share this article, don’t let Seasonal Affective Disorder win.

Easy Valentine's Day craft Ish Mom

I’ve got some more easy activities here!

11 cheap and easy valentine's day crafts



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