A Simple Drugstore Make-Up Routine For My Sister

A simple drugstore makeup routine is as inexpensive as it is quick.

My amazing sister is a busy lady-working, going to school, being a good human and just living her best life. She needs a simple, drugstore makeup routine. Do you? Read on!

A Simple Drugstore Make-Up Routine For My Sister

Dear sis,

I could send you an email or something, but I’m a blogger and if I can’t turn an experience into an article I’m not doing it.

woman holding up notebook and pointing at it

I’m not gonna let this notebook down. Sorry not sorry.

Last week you told me some goals and expounded on qualities you already posses but want to embellish. You named some areas you want to learn about. Having a quick, everyday makeup look and owning the required products was one of the areas.

I hope you know that simply realizing, let alone being able to say aloud, your goals, skills, and things you want to learn is half the battle. They say the other half is work, and you’re obviously doing that: holding down a job while successfully continuing your education, being a mom, fantastic pet owner, doting daughter, and responsible citizen.

I’m so f—ing proud of you.

Therefore, I’m listing the sixteen products (it only sounds like a lot! Hear me out!!!!) you’ll need to create an everyday makeup look in sixteen minutes (this only sounds like a lot of minutes! Hear me out!!!!).

elf and morphe makeup

Drugstores Out Here Killing It

It remains true that you get what you pay for. There are some luxury makeup products that are to die for. But for our purposes, we can find makeup staples at the drugstore that perform so well you’ll be giving Charlotte Tilbury side-eye.

Wet N’ Wild has been coming out with amazing products lately. I know when we were young they were a bit of a joke, but no longer. L’oreal is stepping up their game (love you, Lumi Glow!). Maybelline, E.L.F., Physicians Formula, and Flower Beauty have some amazing products as well.

The Products



The Fun Powders



The Reasoning

Colourpop foundation is a good product at a drugstore price and you can get a color match in person at Ulta. Remember, the workers are just nice ladies paid in part by commission. They will throw indecipherable words at you like “matte” and “medium coverage.” There’s no need to be intimidated. Stay firm in your decision to stick with the brand Colourpop. Ask for three different types or “finishes” of foundation so you can decide which you like best. Go early when it’s dead, they won’t be as resentful of having to take so much time with you without making a sale.

I know the eye brush set isn’t technically a single product but how could I narrow it down to just one eye brush?

It’s not that green eyeliner looks bad on you, but purple will better enhance your eyes. And it’s a more realistic color to smudge into your lash line to make your eyelashes appear thicker.

You’re not a big lip product fan, but lip gloss is easy to apply, moisturizes the lips, and provides a nice sheen to the face.

Setting your foundation and concealer with powder, setting the eyebrows with clear gel, and/or using all the colors in the Instant Cheekbones blush may seem like extra steps. Do them anyway.
profile of woman

The Routine

Wash and moisturize your face. Swipe some of the primer on your finger and apply to eyelids. While your moisturizer is sinking in, you’ll apply eye shadow (try for two shades now-a transition then slighter darker color in the crease) and blend. Eyeliner after that, staying as close to your lash line as possible.

Next, you’ll apply primer, foundation, concealer and powder.

Back to your eyes! You don’t want to apply wet eye products until after you’ve applied powder, it can muddy things up. Curl your eyelashes (FINE SEVENTEEN PRODUCTS) and apply mascara. Brush on your brow pencil and set it with clear brow gel. Take the transition color from the quad and blend a little under your lower lash line, like it’s eyeliner.

The last steps are applying the bronzer and Instant Cheekbones. Now spray your face with the setting spray to make sure everything stays in place all day.

Keep the lip gloss in your purse and use when necessary.

tati westbrook
All Hail Tati

The Training

I won’t be able to teach you how to use these products over the phone or in a blog post. You can call me with questions and all that, but you’ll need to watch a lot of videos. More likely, you’ll watch a handful of videos over and over. After you watch them a few times try to do your makeup while Tati does hers.

This look will take you longer than fifteen minutes in the beginning. You’ll whittle the time down, promise. Blending’s a bit foreign at first and you may hate your eye looks. Keep at it.

My absolute favorite beauty guru is Tati Westbrook. She explains everything so thoroughly. And her voice is super soothing. I’m going to link several of her “quick make up routine”-like videos below. There will be two really long ones that explain every rule of her face and eye routines. Watch those after you’ve seen the short ones several times. I think you’d really like Jeffree Starr as well.

Some videos:

The Long Ones:

This is going to be really fun and not at all scary. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s just makeup. I love you.

Now, don’t come back until you wanna know how to contour.

What are some of your best beginner makeup tips for my sister? Drop ’em in the comments.

Take a selfie of your fave makeup looks and tag me on Insta.

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  1. I’m so freaking proud of you Sasha?I’ve always thought of you as this beautiful strong woman !! Can’t wait to see you blossom and Do bigger things then just Packing orders at Therapak!! Don’t forget it’s just makeup.. It can be washed off and redone at any point in time. Love ya lots?

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