HYPE-Richmond is Awesome!

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Young professional organizations around the country have been growing. These groups serve 21-40-year-olds and provide opportunities for resume building, hobby pursuing, and leadership skill development. They offer more unique advantages as well, like increased social capital and volunteering opportunities. You can share advice to and from contemporaries, discover job openings (word-of-mouth is still huge, y’all), and even develop a side gig in a young professional organization.

HYPE-Richmond Logo

These groups aren’t just for big cities and fancy people. They’re right here, for us! HYPE-Richmond (Helping Young Professionals Engage) serves as a connection between young professionals in Richmond, Indiana and our community. HYPE-Richmond seeks to develop us as professionals with tools, services, and programs, help us engage and connect among ourselves, and empower us to create an impact in our community.

I’m so excited that I’ve already joined. I want you to join, too! Our next event will be more fun if we’re all there. Let’s talk about how HYPE-Richmond can benefit your social and professional life.
HYPE-RIchmond Group Photo

Why HYPE-Richmond?

Those skill sets I listed above? We need them to stay competitive in today’s job market (and they’ll help us be more well-rounded adults with more well-rounded skills). It’s important that young professionals have free or low-cost options for access to educational resources: industry research, newsletters, seminars, events, etc. HYPE-Richmond presents  events like Leadercast (a telecast conference where experts taught professional skills) to provide these services to our community.

We know these skills are important. But professional development isn’t the most…fun. You’ll be hard-pressed to find someone describing their ideal Saturday night as a couple of trade journals and a conference call. Building these skills with peers through  programming, networking nights, and events can make professional development enjoyable.

And HYPE-Richmond honors us for our hard work every year at the Outstanding Young Professionals Luncheon.


Who’s In HYPE-Richmond?

Literally anyone aged 21-40.

Look, this isn’t some classist thing. You don’t need to have a job in which you dress up for to join HYPE-Richmond. It doesn’t matter if you work at McDonald’s or Reid; entry-level to management;  self-employed or a cube jockey; all are welcome. Even if you’re unemployed-that doesn’t mean that you aren’t a professional in need of skill development and peer support.

If you are between the ages of 21-40 you deserve the benefits that HYPE-Richmond provides. Period.

Hype-Richmond Painting Class

Join HYPE-Richmond At These Upcoming Events!

  • Dine to Donate, Thursday, July 17th, Texas Roadhouse, 4-8 pm: Tell your server that you want 10% of your total meal cost donated and Texas Roadhouse will make that donation!
  • HYPE-Richmond Open House, August 13th 5:30-8:00 pm at Better Homes and Garden in Richmond’s Historic Depot
  • Karaoke Night, September 28th, Jack Elstro Plaza
  • For The Love Of Grapes And Hops Wine and Beer Festival, October 19th, Richmond Municipal Airport

HYPE-Richmond For the Love of Grapes and Hops Wine Festival

Want to learn more about HYPE-Richmond? Send an email to HYPE-Richmond to join the mailing list to stay up to date on all opportunities they offer! You can also like their page on Facebook.

You can fill your application to join HYPE-Richmond on their website.

We’ll have so much fun getting our professional development on. I’m planning on singing Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy at Karaoke night, what song will you sing? Let me know in the comments below. Share this article, show HYPE-Richmond some love.Hype-Richmond Koozie

Happy HYPE-ing!







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