A Conversation with Mary Kay Plexico: From Trailer Parks to Talk Shows

Have you seen this hilarious post by Mary Kay Plexico? It went viral with over 170,000 shares. I saw it when my friends shared it.

This post was Mary Kay Plexico’s breakthrough. Her feed has all kinds of comedy high jinks. My favorite posts are the #trailerparkchronicles. The #trailerparkchronicles are series of photos that feature Mary Kay Plexico caricaturing herself, cigarette dangling from outstretched fingers and a bandana wrapped about her messy bun. She engages in her various… trailerpark-y experiences with perfectly applied red lipstick and a smoldering stare. This character and the montage of photos she’s featured in were inspired by the mean online comments made by another woman living in Plexico’s tiny South Carolina town.

Can you imagine what their run-ins must be like? What is the reaction of the rest of Mary’s hometown? How does sudden internet fame feel? What comes next for Mary Kay Plexico? Read on to find out!

Vaguebook At It’s Finest


Ever been the target of passive-aggressive vaguebooking? I bet a lot of us could say we have. Did the said vaugebook insults inspire you to launch your career? Me neither. But that’s exactly what Mary Kay Plexico did.

According to Mary, Heather was upset because she thought Mary had been taking pictures of Heather from a car when Heather was released from jail. However, Mary was over an hour and a half away, cavorting at the lake like the Southern princess she is. Facebook does what Facebook does, and through a flurry of messages, Mary says she was both made aware of the status and had a screenshot confirmation that the status was about her.

Because Mary is nothing if not ballsy, she then made her own Facebook status about the situation, stating that she had been at the lake all day. She tagged Heather in it, because of course she did. Mary never got the apology she was looking for, stating,

‘I’m sorry for misunderstanding’ would have been fine, but she just kept going. So I thought I would show her just what the trailer park in me could do.

mary kay plexico and #trailerparkchronicles
One of my fave #trailerparkchronicles images

And The Crowd Went Wild

With laughter, that is. #trailerparkchronicles went baby viral. Everyone in her little town was talking about it. But Mary Kay’s video like How We Get Glammed for the Trailer Park! and When Bitches Say They’re on the Way to Beat Your Ass have 28,000 views. Unless the good people of her town were each watching the video 50 times each, I think it’s safe to say that Mary’s content was getting out.

I giggle when Mary says things like “find the brightest blush you have and slap that shit all over your cheeks. Just slap it,” in a lilting Southern voice with a deadpan stare into the camera. Right around the time of Statusgate, Plexico changed her profile picture to one of her sitting behind a large piece of ply wood. The words “free ass whoopinz” are painted on it. She is blowing a bubble of gum, arms akimbo, somehow both nonchalant and confrontational. No one can say Mary Kay doesn’t have nerve.

Who Is Mary Kay Plexico?

Mary describes herself as “an average stay-at-home-mom.” Life wasn’t so kind to Mary in the beginning.

I really did live in a trailer park. Green Acres. It was the slum. I ran around with a bunch of boys. The GA Boys, we called them. We all picked on each other a lot. That’s where I got my sense of humor. They helped me get tough. And funny.

By nineteen she was a single mother, fresh out of a horrible relationship. “I ended up being an exotic dancer. Or a stripper. It doesn’t matter what you call it. It doesn’t hurt my feelings. I did what I had to do to survive and take care of my children.” One day she met her husband and everything has been on the upswing since. “When I think of where I’ve been compared to where I am now, it’s just… amazing,” Mary Kay breathes.

Mary creates and consumes comedy as a coping skill to deal with anxiety. Knowing the positive effect laughter has on her own mental health, Mary’s first priority is making her followers feel good. She wants us to be able to come to her platform, shrug off the world’s judgement, and laugh with her.

mary kay plexico

What’s Next For Mary Kay Plexico and #trailerparkchronicles?

Since going viral, Mary has been enjoying a flooded inbox, the ecstatic support of her small town, articles written about her, and an invitation to Mel Robbins’ syndicated talk show. (Y’all can we just stop for a minute and talk about how jealous I am right now?) Mary Kay is giddy and slightly overwhelmed by the sudden attention; but full of ideas about upcoming posts.

When I ask Mary what she wants most to do with her platform, her immediate answer is, “Make people laugh.” No mentions of brand deals and the like. Not that she is ruling these things out. Mary Kay is smarter than you think and she’s prepared to ride this viral wave wherever it may take her.

What Mary reeeeeaaaaalllly wants is an invitation to be on The Ellen Degeneres Show. So if someone could just tag Ellen that’d be great!

mary kay plexico #trailerparkchronicles
#trailerparkchronicles knows how to party

When I ask Mary what feels better, going viral or making Heather mad, she hesitates for only a moment before responding, “Both!” Mary Kay has taken the insults flung at her and turned them into jokes. She invites us to laugh with her and do the same in our own lives.

Make sure to follow Mary Kay Plexico on Facebook. We aren’t going to want to miss a second of whatever she does next.

Got any great petty stories? You know you wanna drop ’em in the comments below. Share this article and show this budding comedienne some love.

Happy #trailerparkchronicling!



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