Piper Voss: Vivaciousness, Validation, and the Opening of The Warehouse Gym

Piper Voss is opening a warehouse gym. But that’s not all she does.

Voss is a photographer and personal trainer, soccer coach, and a toddler mom. Oh, and she runs marathons. All while being Pilates certified.

Piper Voss has a passion for fitness and an affinity for community. She grew up in the small town of Greencastle, Indiana. And though she’s moved in intervening years, her roots keep calling her back. She adores Greencastle and the people who live there. Why not bring the same feeling of closeness and community that sheltered her to the fitness sphere? With the opening of her gym, The Warehouse, Piper has found a way.

Piper Voss opening a warehouse gym
Piper Voss, marathoning/rocking out

It’s Not the View, It’s the Climb

Piper has wanted to open her own gym for years. But life kept happening. She earned a degree in kinesiology, specializing in Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and spinal injuries. Piper worked with those recently discharged from physical therapy and rehab. Getting them back on track became one of her greatest joys. She soon realized that she could get…everyone back on track. And her personal training career took off.

With things going so well, why not begin a second career?

Piper Voss Photography

Piper had always carried a camera. She was constantly taking pictures. But she wanted to take her hobby to another level so shestarted photography classes. Voss invested in a professional camera and started getting everyone she knew in front of it. Slowly but surely, her business grew. Family, engagement, and wedding sessions are her specialty.

“I never realized how much I needed this creative outlet,” she mused. Piper describes herself as a preservationist. “We can stop time, in the moment of a photo, to feel all the feels. My clients can look back at that exact moment and remember everything.”

“You know you’ve found your field if you’d do it for free,” she said, “and I’m lucky to find two. I’d train people and take pictures for free.”

Baby Makes 5,786,876 (Things to Do)

Then she had a baby. And, don’t get her wrong, she loves that baby (now a boisterous three-year-old). “But I can’t eat, breathe, and shit my kid, you know?” Piper is an extrovert and she needs people. Especially other adults. She can’t be knee-deep in child conversation all day. “My heart is always for women trying to find that balance,” she reported, “because I’ve struggled to find that balance.”

And find that balance, she did. Piper got better at the juggling act. She reached a place in which creating and opening her gym seemed possible.

The Warehouse Gym Greencastle Indiana

The Warehouse

The Warehouse is a gym staffed by Piper, a general manager, and three trainers (“they’re young, which is great, I’m gonna work them like horses,” Piper quipped), that offers intense yet scaled workouts. The workout is geared towards the top athlete in the class, then scaled down “so a 65-year-old woman who has never lifted weights in her life can confidently work out alongside an experienced 22-year-old.” Piper believes wholeheartedly in meeting people where they’re at. She wants to serve all, “whether they’re in a valley or a peak and empower them to take the next step.”

Voss knows that the fitness industry is oversaturated. There are streaming workouts, home exercise equipment, and a boatload of available gyms. There are so many choices and questions when considering a fitness program. But Piper thinks we may be asking the wrong questions. Instead of approaching the choices as if they’re one-size-fits-all, we should be considering our own individual goals. First, what are they? What’s the best way they can be reached? Who can help most efficiently?

The Warehouse offers personalized attention that keeps individual goals in the forefront. Personalized attention provided by trained, professional coaches. These coaches help keep customers accountable. But you know what helps even more? Working out with a group of like-minded people who cheer on each other’s success. Not just people who happen to be next to each other in a row of anonymous treadmills. Piper is sure that the attention, accountability, community, and mentality of The Warehouse is worth the price.

Piper Voss opening a warehouse gym

Back in the Early 2000’s…

Full disclosure: I grew up with Piper Voss. That’s how I absolutely know that she is a kind-hearted, vivacious, fiercely smart, and protective woman. And a bit of a pusher (in a good way). This is the memory that always comes to mind when I think of her.

It’s Spirit Week at Greencastle High School. Do y’all remember those? Each day of the week would have a theme, leading up to Homecoming or something. The grades competed and the class with the most participants were declared Spirit Week winners. One of the themes was tie-dye, so Piper was hosting a tie-dye party. I told Piper I couldn’t go. I had just learned that my boyfriend cheated on me and I was upset. The next day she handed me a tie-dyed T-shirt she had made for me.

Well…I forgot to wear it on Tie-Dye Day. When Piper saw me, looking drab with dramatic sadness and a lack of tie-dye, she rushed over. “Why?” she lamented. I told her I was sorry, that I wasn’t thinking straight. She immediately sat down and hatched a plan with me. She didn’t berate me or make fun of my feelings. Instead, we planned what I was going to do to bounce back. She was empathetic, funny, and goal-focused. I remember walking away feeling so much better. Mind you, she was probably all of 17 at the time. I imagine that’s what working out with her today feels like. Piper providing a listening ear and calming presence, with uplifting words. And, most importantly, a viable strategy.

Check out The Warehouse

The Warehouse opened Monday, May 25th to great fanfare and success. It’s located at 114 N Indiana Ave, in Greencastle, Indiana. There’s several morning and evening classes available, all spaced to allow plenty of time to clean the rooms between classes.

If you’re in Greencastle, go to thewarehousegreencastle.com to schedule your Free Intro. You’ll meet with a certified trainer to build a fitness plan specifically for you, whether you’re a complete novice or seasoned athlete.

Become a better you with The Warehouse. Through accountability, they’ll help you build confidence and the good habits needed to reach your goals.

opening a warehouse gym

Piper said opening The Warehouse would not be possible without the support of her father, Perry Wainman, her boyfriend, Tommy Baxter, and the amazing citizens of an ascending city, Greencastle, Indiana. Piper Voss can’t help but inspire support and love whatever she does.



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