Plant Based Grocery List [Free PDF Printables]

I haven’t entered a supermarket without a grocery list since 2016. Using my plant based grocery list and meal plan saves me time, money and sanity.

I’ve been vocal about my veganish diet and distaste for processed food. So what do we buy at the grocery? How do we keep costs down and nutrient content high? How do we avoid instant meals and spend minimal time in the kitchen? I’ll dive into these details and provide handy-dandy PDF printables that you can use to streamline grocery shopping and meal planning.

My Plant Based Grocery List looks different from other grocery lists. That’s because I look at food differently. Read on to see what I mean.


There are a few common refrains I hear concerning a plant-based diet and grocery shopping habits. I’m going to address them here. If I’ve left any out, ask me in the comments.

“Isn’t It Expensive?”

Not necessarily. Or, if it is, you’re not doing it right. Put down the Amy’s burrito.

It is true that, generally, produce costs more than meat. However, plant proteins are waaaaay cheaper than animal proteins. You know how many meals that can be made from a bag of dried beans? And that bag won’t even set you back two dollars. Our family also eats eggs. Breakfast meals are inexpensive.

Meal planning around seasonal produce keeps costs down as well. This winter I’ve been incorporating butternut squash into dinners. Armed with my grocery list, I’m less tempted to buy those new fancy hybrid apples at $7/pound.

plant based grocery list pdf
Butternut squash custard: sweet, spongy, and cheap.

“Isn’t It Boring?”


But guess what? Food isn’t entertainment.

Keeping meals simple (cauliflower mac and cheese, eggs and toast, baked tofu and potatoes, easy blender corn pudding) means not wasting time or headspace on something that happens as frequently as meals. And it keeps our food costs down!

Shopping by Nutrients

The Ish Mom Plant Based Grocery List is arranged by nutrient (vitamins, protein, etc) rather than type (baking, condiments, etc). This simplifies things. There’s not much protein or many vitamins in ultra-processed food. Therefore, we don’t deal much with those aisles. A lap around the perimeter with a few inlays for canned goods and flour or something takes less time and thought than going down every aisle.

plant based diet grocery list pdf

By organizing The Ish Mom Plant Based Grocery List by nutrients, I’m hoping to remove some of the…angst from grocery shopping. Instead of worrying about Pinterest recipes or calculating calories (“Can I get this? Hmmm 300 calories divided by…”) there are nutrient quotas: “Need more vitamins and a couple more protein sources for the week.” Check below to download this PDF.

I’m tired of food taking up so much head space. Aren’t you? There are so many feelings and addictions surrounding food. People confuse food with love and entertainment and self-image and nurturing capability and a billion other things. (That’s why diets never work unless the head is right, but that’s another rant).

whole food plant based grocery list pdf
The A Team, so little in the summer of 2018.

Plant Based Diet Grocery List pdf

Want to try grocery shopping in a new way, with a different focus?

Click here to download the PDF for my Plant Based Grocery List. (Bonus: get the Meal Plan worksheet too!)

Tag me if you use these resources! I wanna see your grocery lists.

Happy nutrient shopping!


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  1. How do you determine how much should go in each nutrient category? For example, how much protein to buy compared to carbs, dairy, etc.?

    1. Personally, and especially since I don’t eat much animal protein, I hit the protein pretty hard. But I think it would depend on your health goals, and mostly, what feels best for you. 🙂

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