12 Easy Christmas Crafts for Toddlers and Preschoolers

I’ll have both my toddler and preschooler home all day during winter break, and I gotta be honest: I’m a little terrified. I’ll need some easy Christmas crafts to take the edge off.

I’ve scoured the interwebs for a variety of crafts that can be done quickly with common household items. These activities keep toddlers and preschoolers engaged. But I can’t promise they won’t still fight.

Sock Snowman from All Free Sewing

Are y’all always losing socks somewhere during the laundry process? This easy Christmas craft helps you put orphaned socks to good use. This craft is so easy and it doesn’t even require needle work!

free snowman patterns to sew pinterest graphic
Photo credit: All Free Sewing

If you enjoy this project, All Free Sewing has all kinds of other patterns and ideas to enjoy!

Paper Bag Reindeer from The Chirping Moms

paper bag reindeer from the chirping moms
Photo credit: The Chirping Moms

Big A has been really into reindeer this Christmas. He stands at the tree, pointing at the reindeer ornaments, showing me antlers with his little hand at the side of his head. I know he’ll love these homemade reindeer puppets.

Homemade Dough Ornaments from Ish Mom

easy homemade dough ornaments from ish mom
These were so much fun to make and decorate!

Last year, the boys loved mixing up this dough and cutting out shapes. It’s a great sensory activity too! The painting portion will help develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as well.

Sparkly Foil Icicles from Kids Craft Room

icicle made out of aluminum foil for a sensory toddler craft
Photo credit: Kids Craft Room

With all the baking this time of year, there’s aluminum foil to spare. This craft is as pretty as it is sensory. The glitter and glue; the sound and feel of working with the foil will give the boys their fill of unique sensory stimulation.

Snowman In A Bag from Oh My! Creative

snowman in a bag sensory toddler and preschool craft
Photo credit: Oh My! Creative

This is another great sensory craft! All you need is construction paper, glue, shaving cream, and sandwich bags (googly eyes are a bonus). The A Team will squeeze these bags for hours, man.

(Psst! This blog has soooo many other cute snowman crafts.)

Pom Pom Painting Christmas Tree from Fantastic Fun and Learning

pom pom painting christmas tree activity
Photo credit: Fantastic Fun and Learning

A painting activity that doesn’t involve getting one’s hands messy?? Big A is gonna love this.

The article also offers book suggestions that correspond with the craft. I loved that.

Easy Felt Gingerbread House from Toddler Approved!

easy felt gingerbread house toddler craft
Photo credit: Toddler Approved!

A gingerbread house without frosting getting stuck in the crack of the dining room table?? Count me in.

I was wondering what to do with all the felt that seems to accumulate in this house.

String of Lights Fingerprint Frame from That’s What Che Said

photo frame, marker, and ink pads for easy toddler christmas craft
Photo credit: That’s What Che Said

This is a genius idea.

A cheap frame, a couple of ink pads, and cute little fingers? Grandparents are gonna lose their freaking minds.

Button Wreath Ornament Craft Kit

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01IE8CDLI&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=ishmom 20ir?t=ishmom 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B01IE8CDLI

Let Amazon help. This button wreath ornament is a cute and easy craft, garnering a 4 star rating.

Christmas Tree Pom Push Box from The Activity Mom

pom pom christmas tree push box toddler activity
Photo credit: The Activity Mom

This isn’t exactly an art project, but it is an activity that’ll keep ’em busy while encouraging fine motor development.

And there’s a free printable so you don’t actually have to draw anything. Thanks, Activity Mom!

Handprint Snow Globe

snow globe toddler christmas craft idea

This was an activity our Birth to Five Parent Educator brought over during a visit last year. The boys liked doing it and I think it’s an adorable keepsake.

Cut out a snow globe out of paper (any kind, really). Nothing too hard: circular at the top, rounding down to the base. Kinda like an old-timey scuba helmet. Or I bet there’s a pattern online. Cover child’s hand with paint and press handprint in the middle of the snow globe. Place a bit of fake snow in the reservoir of a small clear plastic (disposable) plate. Place hot glue around the edge of the plate and press to the circle to create the snow globe.

Reindeer Hat from Education.com

easy toddler christmas craft construction paper reindeer har
Photo credit: Education.com

Again with the reindeer! We’ve got plenty of construction paper, and this seems like a fun way to encourage imaginative play.

toddler painting homemade christmas ornaments
Look how little Big A was last year, painting his ornaments!

Will you be making any of these easy Christmas crafts with your kids this year? I want to hear about your projects and plans. Share this article so you’ll have something to refer to when stuff really hits the fan over Christmas break.

Happy crafting!


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12 easy Christmas crafts for toddlers and preschoolers

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