Best Over 30 Eye Makeup Tips

My over 30 eyes wear makeup differently than they did in my twenties.

Our skin changes in our 30’s. Eye skin is no exception. The same techniques we used a decade ago just don’t cut it anymore. These are my best over 30 eye makeup tips.

woman over 30 wearing elaborate eye makeup look
Just hanging out at home, with a full eye look.

Best Over 30 Eye Makeup Tips

Prep Work

Alas, we can’t just slap on eye makeup anymore.

Be Gentle to the Over 30 Eye Area

The skin around the eyes is already delicate and it certainly isn’t getting stronger with age.

So don’t be tugging at that area, ok?

Always use the ring finger when applying product to the under-eye area (that finger is the weakest, therefore applying the least pressure) and don’t press too hard on any eye brushes used in makeup application.

Invest In Eye Cream

Using eye cream? Good. Eye products don’t blend or sit as well on dry skin.

qrxlabs eye reboot serum best for over 30 eyes
I swear by this QRxLabs eye serum.

Easy On the Concealer

More product means more coverage, right? Not when over 30 eye skin is starting to crepe.

To get coverage without looking cakey, place a smidge of color correcting concealer on the undereye and blot gently with fingers. Then, apply a small amount of lightening concealer low under my eye, almost closer to my nose. Spritz concealer brush with setting spray, dip the brush in a bit of foundation (what’s left on your hand after applying it to your face is fine),  and blend the lightening concealer up and around the eye.

Using less concealer means it won’t sit heavily on fine lines and wrinkles. Applying it with a damp brush makes the concealer glide over the under eyes; concealing flaws, rather than highlighting them.

(This is my favorite concealer.)

Prime Over 30 Eyelids

Eye primer may seem like a trick, but nothing else smooths and preps the eyelid area better.

Concealer may have worked in our 20’s, but we didn’t have fine lines and wrinkles then. Now that we do, we need the sheer formula that an eye primer provides.

(This is my favorite primer.)

Eye Shadow Application Tips For Over 30

As we age, our eyes appear smaller (thank the new fine lines and wrinkles that pop up in our 30’s). Luckily, there are tricks to combat that.

Shimmer Strategically

I don’t care what you’ve heard, no one is too old for a good shimmer.

But. The 30 and older crowd should keep shimmer directly on the center of the lid. If it gets into the crease or corners of the eye, it’s liable to highlight fine lines and wrinkles.

At Least Contour The Lid

Some days are more low maintenance than others. Even if not doing a full eye makeup look, at least brush a bit of bronzer on eye creases.

This will define and provide a bit of lift for the over 30 eye area.

Keep Everything Going Up

On days that call for aaaaaalllll the eye makeup, make sure every product is sweeping upwards.

Blend every layer of eye shadow towards the outer edge of the eyebrow. Don’t line the over 30 lash line in its exact shape, the last third of the line should curve up as well.

Fake Awake

A flesh or pinky toned eyeliner applied right in the lower waterline will make anyone look well-rested.

over 30 eyeshadow tips
I love the 4 pan e.l.f. palette I got for Christmas.

Mascara and Brows

Our eyelashes and brows lose luster as we age, just like our hair. It’s not fair.

Curl Over 30 Lashes

This is another step that seems bogus; but curled lashes make eyes look more open.

As we age, eyelashes thin. Curling them gives an extra oomph.

If you need even more oomph, check out my weird tip for sparse brows (works for eyelashes, too).

Formula Matters

As over 30 eyelashes thin, they’re not as able to pull off intense mascara formulas.

Ditch volumizing formulas for lengthening. Intense volumizing formulas will only weigh over 30 eyelashes down.

(This is my favorite lengthening mascara.)

Don’t Skip Tightlining

Tightlining is applying dark eyeliner on the upper lash line just beneath eyelashes. This step creates the illusion of thicker eyelashes.

It takes some getting used to, but practice makes perfect. Tightline only one eye and notice the difference between the two.

(This is my favorite eyeliner for tightlining.)

Leave Over 30 Brows Alone

The ’90s and early 2000s are over. Burn your tweezers.

Ok, not really, but over 30 brows don’t grow back as easily. It’s best to let a professional handle it.

over 30 eyeshadow tips

Do you have any tips I’ve missed? Drop ’em in the comments.

Happy glow-up!


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